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"SuperURL losing it's keyword ranking effect" ?

edited July 2015 in General
Any thoughts on this claim by ?

"The SuperURL is losing its keyword ranking effect. We have developed a new dynamic ranking URL far more effective we call the OrganicURL."

The only difference I notice in Viral's approach vs Amz Review Trader is you can schedule a certain amount of units to be given away a day.
But how does this make difference with "Organic URL" & "Super URL" ? Or am I missing something?

Here is the excerpt from their site.. Would love to hear your thoughts!

"Case Study 1: We split test a Garcinia Cambogia product (high competition) which was ranked beyond page 10 for 2 sets of keywords with approximately the same level of competition. After 3 days of giving 7 units a day, ranking with the SuperURL, the product landed on page 6. After the same 3 days of giving 7 units a day, ranking with the OrganicURL, the product landed on page 1! We were absolutely blown away! However, we are seeing these same results over and over with the OrganicURL.

Case Study 2: We launched a product in a medium-high category that had just gone live on Amazon. Utilizing the OrganicURL to rank one keyword, the seller began giving 15 units a day for 15 days. After the second day of the Viral Launch the seller was ranking on page 1 for the keyword and had gotten 2 organic sales! At the time of the organic sales, the listing had 0 reviews and the seller did not have ads running~ After 3 days the keyword was ranking 10th on the first page with more organic sales!"



  • Alrighty got a response from the team

    This is just the views of Viral Launch and I am just waiting for someone in the community with more experience than me to give me their opinion

    Thank you for your interest in Viral Launch.

    We get this question a lot as I am sure you can imagine.

    Snagshout. I do not know too much about. Depending on what kind of launch you are looking to do, we are cheaper. I do not see approximate review rates, but I would assume we have higher review rates. Our customer service is unbeatable.

    AMZ Tracker. We can move a lot more units than them. They do a lot of different things, where we focus on ranking and reviews. They also vet their reviewers and allow the seller to contact the reviewer which we view as being against Amazon's ToS. Our customer service is unbeatable.

    Zonblast. We have higher review rates. We are a lot cheaper. They also started offering a paid video review, which is against Amazon's ToS (link), so be careful if you plan on using them. It is only a matter of time before Amazon catches onto that. Claim they have a MegaURL, but it is just the SuperURL. Our customer service is unbeatable.

    And we have our OrganicURL which produces FAR better results than the SuperURL does now. Our Organic URL, basically starts the user's session before the listing page, while still doing the keyword search for our user. Its pretty cool. My assumption behind Amazon watering down the effects of the SuperURL is that they are tracking the customer's session. If the session begins at the listing page, then they will not rank it as well. I have found a workaround :)

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Meh.
    So far not impressed. It's a cool theory for sure, but I think right now they are just using a nice sales tactic. The Super URL still works just fine. No questions about it! And trust me when I say we get to see probably 50x more data than they do.

    Either way, I like there idea and might even look at adding that in at some point, but for now the Super URL works. Now remember that we are NOT using some old-ass static super url from the past, our super url tool is dynamic and constantly updated (something that Viral launch cannot do :smile:

    As for their comments on AMZ Tracker, they are actually pretty wrong.
    1) We focus mostly on improving the rankings of products. Reviews are just a by-product. The rankings are all that have ever really mattered to me and I've been vocal on that.

    2) We do not allow our merchants to contact the reviewers before hand. Although this would not be a problem.

    3) This is in NO way against Amazon's TOS. Look for yourself. We follow it exactly.

    4) I have a VERY hard time believing that they have a bigger group than us, considering we are now over 22k. We are about as big as they come. Snagshout might have a few more though.
  • I would say that the idea of running a campaign of automatic promo of X units per day is a good idea... it would appear more organic for Amazon... Also, the flow of reviews over a period of time probably affects product rank in a more organic way... basically you have consistently x people a day finding you under a correct keyword, converting into sales and leaving positive feedback... If you find the time and energy to do this, it would be a big plus.

    I also think that incorporating a followup service such as Feedback Genius would make the system more complete... I am confident that it increases positive feedback and reviews among all reviewers: organic ones and AMZ club...

    In software, there are always ways to improve, but a) you need to make money sometime, not just continue to spend and innovate every day b) the system works and it works very well - so can it be better, sure? But is it good? It is GREAT...
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