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Best Amazon Seller Conference out there?

Hi all.

What conference / trade show for Amazon Sellers would you recommend to attend? You know learn new things, see service available out there, visit classes etc.




  • constantineconstantine ✭✭
    edited November 2015
    I have seen a few references to

    This is in Seattle in November with many familiar Amazon Seller service providers in exhibitor list. AMZ going to SCOE?
  • edited October 2015
    The AMZ Tracker team went to SCOE Philadelphia in April which was ok. I won't be back in the US for the rest of the year so I'll be missing Seattle.

    I'll give you a breakdown:
    • It was fairly unanimous that the SCOE talks were only so-so for seasoned sellers. Newbies would probably get tons of value, but someone like yourself would probably get very little.
    • The exceptions were Rick's talk from CPC Strategy (it was superb), probably the Seller Labs guys talk (I missed it), and of course the talk by yours truly :smile:
    • Finding new services was pretty cool, but really you can just look at their exhibitors list on their website to see who is coming.
    • If I was just going as a merchant (not as an AMZ Tracker rep) I would have been let down.
    • Holy cow the food at SCOE terrible!
    • I did really enjoy meeting all kinds of awesome people though. That was definitely the highlight!
  • Thanks. This is what I gathered from different forums - not for me... sounds more professional... not only for Amazon, but sounds interesting... to bad I just missed it in June.
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    I have heard that the private Feedvisor Amazon conferences are really great, nothing but heavy hitters.
  • Thanks guys... I will look into it... Feedvisor is a repricing solution... What do I need that for with private labeling/branding?

    Tekaimetrics is on my radar... but too expensive... Also they and many others continue to push solutions for cross-selling on Ebay and crap like Rakuten... and so far everything but Amazon and Google PLA has been a waste of time... So I like it, but not love it... and will not likely use it...

    I prefer a place where I can chat with other sellers as well as service providers to see what I am missing out on...
  • How do you get an invite to the Feedvisor conferences?
  • I recommend UK Seller Conference 2017:
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