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My SOP For Creating Product Listings On Amazon

edited November 2015 in Amazon SEO
Hey Guys,
I have an internal standard operating procedure (SOP) for my staff to use when creating listings for my products on Amazon. The purpose of an SOP is to standardize a given process so that it is easily repeatable by all team members, to free up my time from doing it myself, and to ensure that there are no major mistakes when completing the task.

I thought a lot of users would get some value out of it. Enjoy!

EDIT. It looks like the formatting got all messed up when I transferred it out of Zoho into the forum. Sorry!



(ex: New Listing - Jacks Supergreen Foods)

1. Keyword Research

A. Use a combination of the AMZ Tracker KW tool &
a) Search for the highest volume keywords which relate to the specific product
b) ex: "Green food" + "Supergreen food"

B. Make a text document list of "Main" and "Secondary" keywords based on search volume to use as content in your listing
a) Focus on words ranked in the specific product category
b) ex: Health + Personal Care

C. Research Competitors
a) In Amazon, search main keywords to find competitors and their products
b) List competitors and their products found on Amazon in the text file
c) Use Unicorn Smasher to do a quick competitor analysis.

D. Use the AMZ Tracker keyword tool to find long-tail keywords that Amazon will auto-suggest.
a. List everything that is relevant and can be ranked for.

E. Combine terms and minimize list for efficiency
a."Super Green Food" in your content will automatically account for the term "Green Food"
b. Your Main Keywords should be as specific as possible. Use exact phrases in your content whenever possible.
c. Avoid HTML, symbols, and punctuation surrounding keywords in your content
*** use a space between keywords and punctuation whenever writing your own content ***

2. Create Listing Content

A. Listing Title
a. Use as many Main Keywords as possible, but it should still be visually attractive.
b. You likely won't be able to use all of your Main Keywords; The title should flow organically

B. Description Bullet Points
*** Motto: Sell at the Top; Above the fold before they scroll down***
a. Use bullet points and Capitalized words/phrases to begin each bullet point
i. This looks more aesthetically pleasing and will draw the attention of the reader
b. Continue to use keywords from your list as much as possible
c. You are allowed plenty of characters in the bullet points area; use them for long-tail keywords and phrases
d. Use both singular and plural forms of the listed keywords in the description
e. You should use this description to cross-sell and up-sell
ex: "Use in combination with PRODUCT X for best results"
ex: "Buy 3 bottles and immediately save 15%"
f. You can down-sell your competition here as well
ex: "Our Product X has been proven to outperform THEIR PRODUCT Y"
*** Doing this puts your competitions keyword in your description for ranking purposes ***

C. Other Listing Content
*** Continue to use your keywords in each section of content you write ***
a. Product Description
i. Write a description of your product. Use applicable keywords and phrases. Use basic HTML to make listing more attractive
b. Important Information
i. Safety information
ii. Ingredients
iii. Directions
iv. Legal disclaimer

3. Add The Product

A. Amazon Seller Central -> Inventory -> Add a product -> Create New Product -> Classify Your Product
a. Health + Personal Care -> etc...

B. Vital Info Tab
a. Product Name
b. Manufacturer
c. Manufacturer Part Numer
i. use the UPC code number of your product as the part number
d. Package quantity
e. Unit count/type
ex: 30 scoops : bottle
f. UPC or ean
i. You must buy a new UPC for every product you sell
ii. We by our UPC codes from

C. Offer Tab
a. Condition : New
b. Price
c. Quantity
d. Shipping Method
-I want Amazon to ship... (Fulfillment by Amazon)

D. Images Tab
a. Upload images of your product from your computer
i. You should have already named the file name of each of your images using keywords from your list. (probably doesn't help, but It can't hurt)
ii. Use as many images as you can without being redundant
b. Use images of your product, your label, and trust images: "Manufactured in USA"

E. Description Tab
a. Key product features
i. These are the bullet points from the Title Description
b. Product Description

F. Keywords Tab
*** This section allows you to use 'up to five' terms; USE ALL FIVE
a. Platinum Keywords
i. Use main keywords based on initial research. 99.9% sure that platinum kw's don't help, but they can't hurt.
b. Search Terms
i. Use the same terms as above
c. Intended use
d. Target Audience
i. Select all relevant categories
e. Other Attributes
i. Use all five
ex: Natural , Capsules , Supplement , Vitamins , Treatment
f. Subject Matter
i. supergreen food , super green food , green foods , etc
*** Use spacing between punctuation and keywords (commas and periods) ***

G. More Details Tab
a. MSPR (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price)
b. Product Dimensions
i. length: 5inches
ii. height: 6inches
iii. width: 5inches
iv. weight:
c. Indications
ex: "to be used by those seeking green food beverages
d. Directions
i. Take 1-2 scoops per day
e. Ingredients
i. blah blah blah
f. Item-form
i. Powder
g. Safety Warning if it is a supplement


i. Do not claim to be medicine or a cure
- always use this as part of it: "These Statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please always consult with your physician before consuming any dietary supplement."
h. Click "Save and Finish"
i. Address any error notifications
j. Review your listing
i. Images may take some time to show up

(Continued Below)


  • edited March 2015

    4. Adjust the Finer Details

    A. Make sure the main URL slug is optimal; You want to see proper keywords in the URL
    a. Right-click -> View page source
    b. Search page (Command:f on Mac) for "canonical"
    i. The following link is the actual main URL
    c. If this URL does not use your keywords, tweak and adjust the Title until the desired keywords show up in the main URL slug.
    i. The URL slug is completely dependent upon the Title
    ii. This may require some tinkering

    B. Small Changes to the Description at the top
    a. Change the hyphens to check marks
    b. Use Star and Arrow symbols to bring attention to your selling points
    ex: " * Combine with our multivitamin for best results"
    ex: " > > > Order 3 bottles of Jacks Supergreen Food to save 15% immediately"

    C. Create a coupon code
    a. Amazon Seller Central -> Advertising -> Promotions
    b. Create a Promotion -> Money off
    c. Create a new product selection
    -> ASIN List
    i. ASIN located on your product listing page in the "Product Details" section
    ii. Product Selection Name - "Jacks Supergreen Food"
    iii. Internal Description - "Jacks Supergreen"
    d. Return to Promotions -> Money Off
    i. Buyer purchases: At least 2 quantity
    ii. Purchased items: Jacks Supergreen
    iii. Buyer gets: 15 percent off
    iv. Start date: Immediately (today's date)
    v. End date: some time far in the future (ex: 10 months from now)
    vi. Internal Description: "Jack SG 15% off 3"
    vii. No claim code needed
    viii. Customize messaging - Use all caps and symbols (like arrows)
    x. Click View -> Click Submit

  • Very nice write up. Thanks!
  • Thanks for this @Travis. This is great!
  • If there's anything I do like, it's SOPs. Nice!
  • This is great stuff!! How do we get stars in the description though??
  • @gringogrongo You can put in the code if you want, but the easiest way is just to copy and paste this (it will work):

  • Travis, you're a legend!! Thank you so much!!
  • Thanks Travis, this is great.
  • Thanks Travis,

    I just checked my URL on my product and noticed that my keyword is not in the "canonical" even though I use the keyword in the beginning of product title. Just wonder if anyone here know how to tinker around to make sure I optimize my product listing??

    All the best, cheers / Johan
  • Hey Johan,
    Having the keyword in the URL slug is preferred, but not required. A lot of the reason I recommend it is for Google SEO purposes (I'm an SEO nerd too).
    If you want to change it then keep changing around your title. Usually each time you change it, it will re-write the URL slug. I did have one time where it wouldn't change, and I simply messaged Seller Support and requested they manually make the change, which they did without problems.
  • Thanks for the feedback Travis :)
  • Here is what I want know:

    What is the best format for Search Terms and Subject Keywords?

    In the past I just threw as many keywords into each line as I could fit. I didn't pay any attention to if the words were in order, or if that field would be an actual search.


    You are selling a 55" TV. Would you use:

    55" HDTV
    55" TV
    55-Inch TV
    55-Inch HDTV

    or, do you just cram as many keywords in there as you can?

    55" samsung sony LG tv HDTV
    plasma OLED LCD LED 120hz 240hz

    A customer would probably never actually type "plasma OLED LCD LED 120hz 240hz" into a search box. Does each line in "Search Terms" need to be exact complete search phrase that a customer would enter?

    How exactly does Search Terms and Subject Keywords differ? Typically in Subject Keywords I put as many competitors names as possible. For Subject keywords I've just been putting more keywords, I don't see how it differs exactly from search terms.

  • Hey @OSA608 it's a pretty easy rule to follow:

    1) Whenever possible (especially with important keywords) but in the exact phrase that you want in the exact order that it's searched.

    2) When that's not possible, just put it on the listing somewhere. It's not quite as good a shown in testing, but it still definitely counts.

    I'll use my main keywords in the exact order, and then sprinkle in all the variations throughout the rest of the listing.
  • NickNick
    edited May 2015
    I have tried for a week and now I am done with it. The key words is not very helpful and they can not answer my questions in time. Even I am a premium member.
    Why I said they are not helpfull? I find a hot key word on, but when I search this keyword on Amazon, there are few listings. I think it is useless. Google adwards would be better and it is free..
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