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Lots of reviews being deleted by Amazon

edited July 2015 in General
Hi folks,

In the past 3 to 5 days, I have seen many of the reviews that I obtained through your amazing Amazon Review Club, completely DELETED from my products. Around 20 reviews deleted for each product. And every day that passes I get more reviews deleted!!!

1. Did you experience something like this in your own listings?

2. Do you have any idea why this has happened (all my reviews are verified purchase reviews. I have zero fake, family or friends reviews)?

3. What can I do?????

Thanks for your help!


  • gobiggobig
    edited July 2015
    There's definitely a big update going on. The reviews I've seen deleted appear to be from:

    - <$1 promo reviews without a disclaimer (received at a discount)
    - <$1 promo reviews from brand new accounts with no previous reviews

    From what I can tell, reviews that I got from users on Amz Review Club are sticking fine because they have a disclaimer and review history.

    The writing was on the wall with this. When half of the internet invaded amazon with a money-chasing mindset, big changes were bound to happen.

  • Check out the thread about the Amazon reviews update here.

    Looks like for the most part there aren't a lot being deleted on most peoples listings. Some are if they didn't have the disclaimer.

    Getting rid of some of the crap is a good thing though. Too much is not!
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    None deleted for me... but have noticed a ton of changes how they rank 'helpfulness'.

    See the other thread
  • Lost about 40 reviews those days
  • I am almost sure that this happened because the reviewers did not add the disclaimer.

    @Travis_Jamison, can you please send an email too all the reviewers from the club, telling them (AGAIN) to add the disclaimer in their past and future reviews? It will be very very helpful for all of us

  • I am a reviewer and I have had reviews removed without the possibility of redoing it. I always leave a disclaimer. The reason I have received from Amazon was that either I violated the rules in some way, they won't say how, or that someone I know also reviewed the item and they are removing both of our reviews.
    Most reviewers will not produce an email without a disclaimer because we value our accounts and not following that particular rule will get your account suspended. I hope this information helps.
  • I lost several reviews which were from family & friends, no disclaimer about two weeks ago. Hopefully, the reviews from AMZ Tracker will hold with the disclaimers.
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