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Amazon algorithm changes?

Any opinions? Trying to get on first pages,both ways,automatic with superURL and manual,both of them don't want to work at all..


  • No major changes. A few review changes recently, but the algo is still working the same.
    PM me your account email and I'll hop in and take a look if you want.
  • For anyone wanting to see the answer, this is what I said:
    Ok just checked it out. I "think" that it just hasn't been quite enough time. I see that you only started getting rankings about 2 weeks ago. The other sellers have some awesome legacy sales that you're competing with. It's probably starting to rank for a lot of the longtails now, but just stick with it and the rest should come soon.

    Sometimes listings just do this. It's a pain, but normal :(
  • And my answer part 2:
    Use Google/Bing/FB traffic. It can really push it to the next level! The volume really helps. Also-
    • You can update your "Brand name" for this product to include a keyword. So... change it from "Brand" to something like "Brand keyword keyword"
    • You obviously know what you're doing, but make sure ALL of the seller backend stuff is filled out if possible. Anything you can fill out, do it! Topics, keywords, search terms, categories, etc.
    • Your category is set to "hidden" Change it to another possibly more relevant category. Yours might not be the most ideal one according to Amazon.
    • Play with updating all of your info on the page. Change just a little in each section to wake it up.
    • Of course use feedback tools
    • Try and get repeat purchases whenever possible (hard for your product I know). These really influence the algorithm.
  • I have noticed that on new products added I'm seeing superurl's are not working as well. The new algo has definitely changed the way they are ranking based on url+keyword. In fact, on products that are ranking well that I want to boost other keywords with, it pushes those particular keywords that are already ranking down further.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    I haven't noticed a change yet for super URL, actually If i target any other Keywords it works asap - my rankings always go up... but they sell organically anyway.

    But I'm sure it won't be the same for ever..

    Question: are you getting Organic sales for these keywords?
  • @sammy tonight we got up on first pages with our 3 main kw,and still no sales..
  • @sammy tonight we got up on first pages with our 3 main kw,and still no sales..

    Unfortunately if it continues this way your keywords might not be getting enough volume.

    Also @learntoearn Try adding in a few more variations of the keywords you are tageting. I'm seeing much better results when using 4-5 keywords compared to 1.
  • Thanks for the heads up! I will try that.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    " tonight we got up on first pages with our 3 main kw,and still no sales.."

    @Arnas Strioga
    Isn't this clearly a problem with the listing / product then?
    Are you getting traffic to the listing?
    Is there any search volume / anyone else selling this product on Amazon?
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