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Need to ramp up Amazon sales

edited July 2015 in General
I used the AMZ Tracker Review Club and had really good success. My item rose in rank from around 60,000 in Pet Supplies to around 15,000. I then started to make some sales that were not related to the promo and my ranking stayed in the 20,000 for about a week. Now my sales are back down and my rank is down to 66,000. I know the item is selling because my competitor's ranks are remaining stable and they are ranking 10,000 or less in Pet Supplies, so they must be making sales. They have the exact same item that I have.

1. How can I market to keep my sales and rank consistent?
2. How does the "Email Notification Tool" work to help drive traffic to my product?
3. How effective do you think Google Adwords would be to drive traffic to my "Amazon Store Front Page"?
4. What is the very best way to drive traffic to my "Amazon Store Front Page"?



  • Yo. Glad you're liking AMZ Tracker!

    1) Basically you just didn't show Amazon that you have a high enough sales volume yet. Historical sales are big in the algo. Consistency is everything, especially in popular niches. So a short spike is awesome, but keep consistently doing some giveaways, use PPC (both Amazon and Google/Bing if you want), etc and your rankings and sales will stick.

    2) Our email notification tool is just a tool to send yourself reports. It won't help with traffic. You can (and should) use an Amazon feedback software like Feedbackz though. It's dirt cheap and well worth it.

    3) Driving to your store front... nah. Driving directly to your Amazon listing though can be a great idea for some people. But not all. I just posted a bunch of stuff on Facebook about this very topic today. Here is a copy and paste of that:
    There isn't a perfect answer here (and a million opinions), but I'll just tell you what I do.
    1) I send Google/Bing PPC ads directly to my listings using Super URLs. That way I get the double benefit of improving my rankings while at the same time getting sales (that also improve rankings).

    2) Since you don't have analytics to show which keywords are forgetting, I ONLY use HIGHLY commercial buying terms. "buy keyword online", "order keyword Amazon" type stuff.

    3) I only keep the PPC going if I can tell a direct noticeable boost in my sales.

    4) Sending direct vs a landing page. Again not a perfect answer. Obviously you REALLY want to own your own list and customers. But at the same time the conversion rate will probably be lower IMO than sending them straight to Amazon. Amazon is just SO trusted. Payment info already saved, they can read reviews right there, you don't have to convince them of the validity, etc.
    Sending them to a landing page can be a harder sell IMO.

    One last note, if you are selling a mass marketed products (iphone cases?) it would probably not work very well. Just think about the psychology behind it. An "iphone case" for example. It would be difficult to send traffic that would always want EXACTLY what you are offering. Choices, colors, sizes, etc would make it difficult.

    On the other hand, if you are one of the few sellers in the niche and your product is exactly what they would want then the likelihood of success would be higher.
    4) No idea on driving storefront traffic. I just send it to the actual listings. Looking forward to others responses and tips though.
  • What do you mean when you say "giveaways"?

    1. Where?
    2. To whom?
    3. How many?
    4. How (through what site or sites)?

    Like I said, I did 25 promotional items for reviews. I only had 200 units of the item I am selling. If I have to use all 200 to get the item to selling, I don't mind taking that initial loss, but I don't want to continuously do giveaways with no return. Like I said, I know the product is a seller, I just feel I'm not promoting it correctly.

  • Giveaways:
    - The AMZ Tracker Review Club.

    This is included in your AMZ Tracker membership as long as you're on the $50+/m plan.

    The number of sales needed changes depending on your competition. I've had products where I only needed 15 total to stay at #1 and get a few sales a day, I am in other niches where I give away products (via promos) every single day in order to stay at the top. I treat it just like a marketing cost. I give it away just below cost because the profit it makes me pays for itself 100 times over.
  • So basically you keep your product "ranked" by doing promos/giveaways on the AMZ Tracker Review Club at just below cost?

    Then, you use the PPC with Google/Bing to drive traffic to your page as well?

    If I have the above correct, is that the only place you do "giveaways"?
  • @Travis_Jamison When setting up google ppc do you show your website link and make the final clickable link your super url or do you show Amazons website?
  • Hi,

    I was discussing an issue earlier with Travis Jamison regarding sales. Unfortunately he was not able to comment on the last three questions I had regarding this post. I wanted to know if anyone else could elaborate on whether I had the correct understanding or not regarding what Jamison was explaining. I was asking the following questions regarding ramping up sales:

    1. So basically you keep your product "ranked" by doing promos/giveaways on the AMZ Tracker Review Club at just below cost?

    2. Then, you use the PPC with Google/Bing to drive traffic to your page as well?

    3. If I have the above correct, is that the only place you do "giveaways"?
  • @Rvgtr2 I show the final url as being, and use the Super URL as the clickable link.

    1) When I say just below cost, I mean just below MY cost of the product. So if I make a blue widget for $5, I'm giving it away for $3, even if it usually sells at $30. The reason for this is just to keep the sales volume up for the Amazon algo.

    2) I almost always use Google/Bing PPC as well. This does not always work though. Some products it appears to work great, and some seem to be a loss. If it's in the middle between a profit and a loss do the math to see if it's worth it to keep it going just for Amazon ranking reasons.

    3) Yes. Our review club has right at 27,000 reviewers as of today and is still growing. So it's all I'll ever need. Before it existed I used some others, but ours is just hands down the best available now.
  • Hi Travis,

    I appreciate the information and detailed explanation. Thanks!
  • @Travis_Jamison

    That's what I'm doing but it keeps disapproving it saying "Final URL directs to different domain".

    My set up is:

    amz SuperUrl

    Any ideas what is happening?
  • I have buyers who buy for their service who would like a wholesale price from me. If I give them a super URL and let them buy six at a time does that count towards 'Zon's algorithm or do I have to sell the units one-off?

    Thank You in Advance!

    ~ the organic farm girl
  • I would say that it would definitely help the algorithm. It's ALL focused on creating the most revenue. So repeat and bulk sales would probably be great.

    Also, @Rvgtr2 I believe Google might have unfortunately just changed it to where these are no longer working. Still works with Bing though. Not completely certain just yet though.
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