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Product Overview:

BQool, which we're pretty sure is pronounced "Be cool" offers a suite of tools for Amazon sellers. Dynamic repricing for beating competition to the buy box. Instant feedback notifications with automatic feedback requests. And a review dashboard to get a birds eye view of all your product reviews in one place.

The company's mission is to provide the best ecommerce tools to sellers, and they do seem to have a good support system in place. Their contact us page includes numbers for US, UK, Taiwan and China.

Here's the promo video announcing the suite of Amazon tools:

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Free 14-day trial

Repricing Plans:
bqool repricing plans

Review Plans:
bqool review plans

Feedback Plans:
bqool feedback pricing plans


Tell us your experience.

Anyone have any success with the Bqool repricing tool? Would be great to hear a comparison between Bqool vs. RepricerExpress vs. Appeagle.
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