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If I request to review an item, will I know if I get rejected?

Over the past month I've requested around 5 items and got approved for 3 of them within two or three days. For another item I waited about a week until I got approved. For the last item, I've been waiting around three weeks and my list of requests page still says that it's Pending.

I think the seller's promotion is still active (it hasn't expired yet) and they're still giving out coupons so I'm not sure if they rejected me, haven't gotten to me yet, or are waiting awhile to send codes out. Is there a way to tell?

I know that sellers can hide requests from reviewers but wasn't sure if they could outright reject someone. If there's no way to actually reject someone's request, could it possibly be added in the future? I think it would be helpful for reviewers so we could know if we still have a chance at receiving a coupon or not. It might also be helpful to sellers since if a reviewer starts getting a lot of rejections, they might strive to write better quality reviews, fill out their Amazon profile information, etc. so they get approved more often. It could lead to a better, higher quality reviewer community!


  • Either it will say "no vouchers remaining" or it will expire. I usually delete requests that are more than a week old.
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