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Trying to get atleast 1 Keyword ranked with superURL and Give Aways. have 23 good reviews , No ranki

Hope you are doing good. I need your expertise.

I had launched this product a month back

I have give away around 50 units with Super Urls pointed towards 2-3 keywords.

I got 23 reviews on this with giveaways.But still I don't see even a SINGLE keyword ranked.
I have followed your ranking procedure for Another beauty product and things worked good(Ranking keyword)

But this iphone 6 leather case just don't seem to take off inspite of so many reviews and give aways.
This is just one product which does not seem to take off.

I need your expertise on it. I can get into a call with you or chat is also ok.
My competitors with less reviews( 5) are able to rank their keywords.

BUT me having 23 reviews and none keyword ranked.
I think something is just wrong what i do
Could you please help me.

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  • @Sammy : Some of my competitors with just 5 reviews are able to get page 1 for main keyword "iphone 6 leather case" and getting consistent sales.

    Whereas, me having 24 reviews is still nowhere is the keyword rankings for top 20 keywords
    I have also pm'd you the URL's

  • edited July 2015
    Okie Dokey,
    Got all kinds for you here. I took a look at your product, competitors etc.

    1) By looking at your reviews, I'm guessing this is a new listing. Which means that you are probably not grandfathered into the unlimited character title allowance. Bring your title down to under 200 characters total, as you are probably being blocked from the Amazon SERPS. This might be your biggest problem.

    2) Your image is less than par. Get a really good image to be your main one. An image that shows all the goodness of your product in use. Think of what the tiny version of your case looks like on the Amazon search page.

    3) Reviews are not the "master" ranking signal. Sales are (especially sales with the Super URL). So even though you may have more reviews (due to the review club success percentage), your total historical sales may be far less than your competitors. Amazon ranks based on sales, a.k.a what is going to make Amazon the most $$.
    Reviews are kinda a by-product. So when necessary give more away for cheap. Not fun, but sometimes necessary.

    4) With your Super URL use a few different similar keywords. I'm seeing the best results with this.

    5) I would also improve your bullet points. Make them more robust and sexy. Sell your people, don't just list features.
    * NEVER SCRATCH YOUR IPHONE AGAIN! - Our leather iPhone 6 case is the Hercules of the cases world. Buy our case, and sleep well at night.

    * HIGH CLASS LEATHER FOR HIGH CLASS PEOPLE - Don't get some cheap useless case. Our premium black leather case is both thin, sleek, and durable. Look like million bucks the moment you pull out your phone.


  • @ Travis,
    Thanks a lot for detailed reply. I hope I can take your advice and see changes soon.

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