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Emails from reviewers

edited July 2015 in General
I am a reviewer/blogger and I have received several codes that are invalid, expired, or can not be applied and I have noticed that MANY sellers either do not answer the emails or do not provide a working email all together, I literally received a code with the seller email listed as Edited out by admin. I hate to request an item to review and not be able to complete the purchase and review as I feel I am not fulfilling my end of the obligation. I ALWAYS purchase review items one at a time so I know that is not the issue. Any insight would be great and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.


  • Yeah it's really frustrating when sellers don't respond to emails. If I receive a damaged/defective/incorrect product and I can't contact the seller directly, I have to go through Amazon and it takes days and days... I was also under the assumption that requesting a refund/replacement through Amazon makes the seller look sketchy to them (feel free to correct me if there are any sellers reading this!). I've had to do this once or twice on another review website and always felt bad about it because the sellers' accounts looked new.

    I always leave 5 stars for seller feedback but sometimes it's hard to when stuff like that happens. I know we're getting discounts and everything but I really hope they treat their actual customers better.

    Sorry for the mini rant.

    AMZ Tracker seems to be pretty good at resolving issues from what I've seen so far. If you can't get in contact with a seller or you can't leave a review, just contact the staff or post a message on this board and hopefully a staff member will help you out. I know we're supposed to leave a review within 10 days but if it's the seller's fault that you can't, the staff will understand I'm sure.
  • I just received an offer for an item and when I went to use the code.....EXPIRED. Seriously? I have had the same issues with sellers not returning emails with working codes. I just report them and then hide the request. I have had this happen numerous times now. If you don't email me back after I have emailed and then sent a 2nd email to correct the issue, I just report it and hide the item. If I get an email from AMZ, I respond back to that email with the issue and a ticket is created then. I wish we had a little better control over the review requests side that had some sort of way of messaging the seller thru the site. Maybe a box we could click that sends them a message from the individual that states the code is not working or no good. I really like the ones that send a code for an item and it takes 4 hours before you can use it.
  • @Ralph thank you for taking the time to comment with such a thoughtful response. I always appreciate a considerate seller because it shows that you really love and stand behind your product.
  • @Will Holland I think AMZ Tracker needs to improve their program to allow a better interface between Seller and Reviewer. When I run a promotion I may want to run it for a couple of weeks and may get over 100 reviewers that are willing to review within a few hours. As a Seller I would not want to run 100 reviews at one time but possibly spread 20 or whatever amount decided over the two weeks. As a reviewer do you not get to see how long the promotion is running for? Another problem I see is for example a promotion I had on just ended a few days ago but still listed on my AMZ Tracker page. It is not active but I wonder if those seven reviewers are still waiting on a coupon. As in any business, communication is critical with accurate information.

  • @Ralph @QueenBeezBuzz @Dabble @Will Holland
    That's something I'm unsure about, I have been waiting a few days after requesting to review some products, and I have no way of knowing if the seller hasn't picked me for his/her product or they still have not decided who is getting to review.

    I only joined earlier this week but already actually received 7 of the items I was accepted to review. But the others that I clicked review on, I don't know how long to leave the product there before removing, as I haven't got any idea how long it takes a seller to decide who gets to review. New to review site, only ever left reviews for my own purchases previously.
    So I'm on a learning curve right now.
  • I am on a learning curve too with this, as a seller using AMZ Tracker does not provide a way to inform reviewers of my intent. Meaning, I will have a promotion on for one weeks and will be selecting reviewers over that time on a basis of say having 14 vouchers and selecting 2 reviewers each day. Idea is I would want to spread the reviews out a little so that no flags are brought up in Amazon as they are deleting a lot of reviews lately. On other occasions I may want reviews as quickly as possible to pump up the Amazon search engine. This is a hard one to figure and is based on communication and right now the program in AMZ tracker does not seem to provide that function.

    Anyway, happy reviewing and hope you get some good products to review.
  • @Ralph i applaud you sellers for all that searching you have to do to pick a great reviewer to send your products to.. That looks like hard work, figuring out who's good/bad.

    Hey I'm just glad I'm actually getting a product to enjoy at the end of my small task testing/reviewing.. I have a shopping So I was thinking this would help to feed it.
    I do think it would be great if you the seller could see more in regards to reviewers actually completing reviews on time from other sellers products they have received and being able to let reviewers know that your full up for now or it might be a week or so before you select people etc.

    Oh yes so far I've got some goodies thanks and I really enjoy taking pictures and writing about my fun with the products for people to read and be helped by.
  • @Ralph Yes we do get to see the promotion length on our end. It shows us the days remaining, if it is still pending or what not, and also if there are no more vouchers. I agree, there needs to be better communication between seller and reviewer. I have 2 reviews now I was approved for, neither code worked, neither seller will respond to emails. So now I have 2 items in my review list that show I purchased them, when in fact I have not. We need a system in place that can validate the purchase. Now I will get emails about reviewing 2 items I cannot purchase due to the fact the sellers codes do not work and will not respond to my attempts to correct this issue so I can in fact purchase it. It is really frustrating when sellers do this. There are some here that are fantastic about getting it resolved and some who just don't seem to care. Now I have to report these items on my review side, but as Travis stated, they get about 1 report a minute so it's impossible to keep track of them.

    The reviewer side need some sort of system where we can either click a button that states the "CODE WORKED" or "CODE DID NOT WORK", that way it can be sent back to the seller, AMZ knows the code doesn't work and we as reviewer aren't left on the hook to review something that we never even purchased in the first place.
  • So how do we get all of this across to AMZ Tracker?
    I have not seen one thing that I disagree with and several things that would assist me as a seller.
    Bottom line, as Sellers we want good reviews but hopefully they are honest ones as far as I am concerned. The product we have for sale I feel is top notch but I do not thing all are. In the end the Buyer is the one to be concerned with and they deserve honest reviews of products. To this end can only be accomplished through both Seller and Reviewer in the 'Know' and doing the right thing.
    Again I would ask 'How do we accomplish this"?
    I know from my end our Team does everything in its power to monitor and respond, but like anything there is always room for improvement.
  • @Ralph I think you will need to tell @Travis_Jamison or one of the other admins.
  • Done, we will see what Travis has to say.
  • @Ralph
    I think an option to enter the order # to valid that the purchase was made would be very helpful to both sides.
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