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New Amazon FBA Seller Strategy

edited July 2015 in General

I am about to launch a new Amazon product. What is the best strategy?

1. Build up a list of waiting Amazon reviewers and to approve a large number at once, giving them a limited time to purchase eg 48 hours -hence sending a viral flood of buyers to my product?
2. Or drip feed maybe 10 a day over 7 days - if this is the best option how do I go about it. Do I create a discount code everyday and start a campaign *every day* on the 2. for 7 days?

Thank you for any input.


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    Hey @mklee01
    As for the best Amazon ranking strategy, I recommend doing the drip first. Sustained sells are usually better than viral spikes. BUT... sometimes after a long period of sustained sells a big spike can work wonders.

    In order to do that, just leave your reviewer campaign live in AMZ Tracker for 7-10 days. Assuming your product is good enough and at a good enough price you should have people asking for it daily.

  • mklee01mklee01
    edited July 2015
    Thank you Travis. Does that mean that I can approve reviewers in batches of say, 10 a day over a week? I'm assuming a single campaign uses one discount code so if I create a 7 day campaign, I have no control over when the reviewers purchase the product - I can only request they buy within 48 hours?
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    Yeah just approve in batches a day. We use SINGLE USE promo codes though. Avoid using one "master code" or you might get your Amazon inventory wiped out.

    We ask that reviewers purchase within 48 hours, but the little specifics aren't all that important. Some might take a bit longer.
  • You've been a great help. Thanks Travis.
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