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Please fix

Hi guys,

I spoke to you about this before, but the issue persists.

Let's say I have 25 codes in an AMZ Review Club Promo. 30 people apply. I check the 25 I deem worthy and send out the codes. I tell the remaining 5 "Sorry, not this time". Now my promo has zero codes left...

If I now go to promo details and try to check "remove review listing" and try to save it, the system will not let me do it... The review listing will remain active and people will continue to apply... It will tell me to enter more codes, which at this point I will not have... making it expire manually by setting the date in the past does not help... the only thing that works is entering a BS code to save it, but at this point people will continue to apply (1-2 at a time)...

It does work if you first remove the listing and save and then approve the applicants... but this makes the promo listing as "inactive" and you have to look for it in a long list of past expired promotions to release the remaining codes... which is a drag...

Sorry, if this is already fixed in the weekend's update - last time I tried this, the glitch was still there.

Please and thank you.



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