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Question regarding reviewers who no longer want to use promo codes after given to them

edited July 2015 in General
What's up guys,

I'm getting some emails from people who don't want to use our codes after the fact. To be honest, it's not a big deal for our company - the big deal is obviously if someone uses the code, and doesn't leave a review. We can just send them to other people, but they seem to have a huge fear that if they don't use the code, they will be banned from AMZReviewTrader, or something else. I usually just tell them not to worry about it. I assume they would still get the emails that remind them to leave feedback, as there is no way for you guys to know if they completed an order. Appreciate the input.



  • ZetaZeta ✭✭
    I've done this, and reported the issue using the report a problem link.(Tho I have never received a response) It's weird for them not to want to use the code unless they can't combine it with other codes, I'm willing to review anything as long as I can get it shipped for free.
  • I am a reviewer and sometimes I'll request two of the same product hoping to get approved for one.(with the intention of deleting the other request if approved for one) A few times I was approved for BOTH before I could remove one request. I buy one and report one to be removed because I don't want to be rude and get both when I don't need both. I've always wondered about being removed for things like this. I definitely don't want to mess up something good like this site for myself.
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