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Amazon deleting some reviewers accounts?

edited July 2015 in General
I just signed up as a seller last Friday and already started 3 campaigns and I have already noticed people I gave coupon codes to on Friday seemed to have been banned. When you click on their review profile they now have zero reviews. I'm talking about high ranking profiles with several hundred reviews. Also if you sort by rank and scroll down you will see a lot of high ranking reviewers no longer have stars next to their name and when you click on their actual amazon profile they no longer have any reviews but there amazon review rank might be 7,000.

Kinda makes me nervous now to give out products if these reviewers are getting banned. Any thoughts?


  • Amazon just removed 6 of my reviews in the span of 2 days im not sure why
  • @anon12345 it's true that several reviewers have had their reviewing accounts revoked but the reasons are completely rediculous. Several reviewers were revoked because another reviewer used the same wifi, roommates or family members for example. Another had her account revoked because she used a public wifi connection. Most of these reviewers are opening new Prime accounts and will continue to fulfill their commitments. I hope this helps.
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