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Selecting Amazon Keywords to target

Hi all,

This is my first post here, I have been using AMZ Tracker for a week now as I will soon be selling my first product on Amazon.

I have been tracking competitors within AMZ Tracker, their daily sales and the keywords they are ranking for.

My question is - How do you go about selecting the most appropriate keywords to target?

I want to setup a Super URL and use the AMZ Reviews system to gather initial reviews.

Obviously AMZ Tracker can only tell you daily sales and daily keyword ranking, unfortunately it doesn't tell you if a keyword triggered a sale. I presume looking at the increase in raking vs daily sales can give a rough idea but nothing concrete.

Would I be right in targeting say the top 5 keywords 2 or 3 competitors all rank highly for and start with those?

Finally, does anyone have information about the match type of Amazon keywords. For example if you targeted the keyword/phrase "bath brush for women" would that also be helping your ranking for "bath brush"?

Thanks all,

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