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review club

Had my 1st stab of review club as a seller and notice than no reviews have come in yet. It has been 2 weeks now. What action if any can be taken by myself as thought the whole point of this is to get something back. win win.


  • ZetaZeta ✭✭
    It could be a slowdown on Amazon, I have items I have ordered on the 22nd from Amazon that I have still not received and some haven't even been shipped yet.
  • thanks for some feedback, will try sending them emails through the amazon email system
  • I can confirm that Amazon has been very slow at shipping even for prime I'm waiting 4-5 days. Some people take advantage of the no-rush shipping promos as well so that further delays it. I'd give it a few more days if it's something that needs a good handful of days to test out.
  • Do they give a time limit to review by? Depending on where I get some of my codes from I prioritize over others. Typically ones that come from direct communication with sellers go first and others that don't even have a time frame I may postpone. Also depends on the item. I take my time reviewing supplements and beauty products as they are products that take time to achieve results.
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