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Can't submit reviews

edited August 2015 in General
I'm a reviewer and there are a few products I've requested that say "No Vouchers Remaining" and I've already received coupon codes for them. The button to submit my review just says "Remove Request" instead of "I've Reviewed This"

I'm going to email the sellers once I leave my review so they know they got it and don't need to worry about it, but I know that it's not going to count towards my total review count on Amazon Review Trader. I can still only request 20 products at a time right now and would love to do more. The only way to increase this amount is to keep submitting reviews, but I can't because the site is glitchy and not letting me. Likewise there have been a few times where I'll be approved for a product, get my coupon code, leave my review, but then the item is completely missing from my "Review Requests" page so I can't mark my review as being completed...

Will any of this get fixed? I'm having fun with the site but it's kind of stressing me out that it's not working correctly and I could get in trouble/banned because sellers might not think I'm doing my reviews (many don't read emails from reviewers).

What should we do when this happens?


  • I have this same issue. Once the vouchers are gone the button is reverting back to Remove Request for some reason. I have been just hitting the Report A Problem and stating I have left a review and then I just copy/paste the review link in there and then just hit Submit Report. No other way I can find to do it other than this right now. Don't know what else to do until this issue is fixed.
  • You can still go ahead and leave the least on your end you are good.
  • Another thing....

    How are we supposed to leave a review for an item that we have never received. I was approved for a few items I have yet to receive. Ordered on July 19th and still nothing. I have contacted the seller via the email and have yet to hear anything. Still this item sits on my review list with no way of removing it.
  • ZetaZeta ✭✭
    Same here, if the seller's email address is available I email them with a link explaining what's going on. My only concern if the site itself sees it as us not filling our obligation.
  • Hopefully not, I have filed quite few of them. But I have also reviewed way, way more than I have reported. Hopefully we can get a fix for this issue.
  • I have had products dissapear off my list as well as the no vouchers. I always just email my review to the seller and let them know I can't formally submit it through amz but I did complete it.
    As far as not getting an item and having no seller contact, if they don't respond in a few days just report it both on here and amazon if it is outside of it's delivery schedule. Just because we are getting discounts/free products doesn't mean that we don't deserve to always get our stuff, I have not encountered any seller who did not reply though. Try sending a second email and maybe do it through amazon so it is documented.
  • ZetaZeta ✭✭
    Yeah I have 2 items from the same seller right now that gave Amazon a bogus tracking number. Hopefully they actually shipped the item but it does make me wonder.
  • I too have a problem, 2 items that I received codes for, one item I received today and one that's taking a while to receive just disappeared from my requests, so I can't use the report a problem as they have just gone from the list.
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