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Review Club - Ranking increase

Strange thing is that since I started using the review club, the rankings of most keywords I'm tracking have increased a bit, except the keyword I'm using in the superurl (the one reviewers use to buy my product) it has only decreased. Anyone has similar experiences? I wonder if this is normal.


  • Hey @jma sometimes it does happen. Unless you're keyword is just incredibly difficult I would recommend just waiting a couple more days.

    The Amazon algo LOVES to see consistent sales over a big sudden spike. Spikes help, but consistency is far better. So just keep doing your thing, and sending in traffic via the super URL and as long as your competition is not outdoing you, your listing will start moving up soon.

    If by some chance you think it's something else, feel free to personally PM me your listing and I can take a look for anything if you want.

  • Thanks for your help Travis. I'll wait for a couple of days and see what happens.
  • Did you receive my PM @Travis?
  • Hey jma,
    Just responded.

    If anyone was watching for a response, my advice.
    1) Add the keyword into the bullet points.
    2) Add in some of the longtail phrases to the listing
    3) The competitors are still outdoing him just a tad
    4) It should move soon. Everything else is being done correctly. Sometimes it's just a little bit of a waiting game.
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