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Seller Changed The Review Price

I have a seller who listed an item for free but has apparently changed the price last minute then sent out promo codes. I went to check out on Amazon and noticed the discrepancy. I do no want to review this item now because of this. I feel this is kind of shady business. I don't agree with this tactic. Is this even allowed?


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    Allowed by who?

    I've had coupons given out here and been testing prices at the same time, I actually completely forgot about the coupons I'd given out. It ended up making them $1 more expensive without realising but no one complained. I've also had times when it made all the coupons free instead of the $1.5 stated price - again no one mentioned it and saved themselves some money

    I doubt the seller is trying to score an extra couple bucks out of his reviewers - remember you have the power to leave a negative review (not that you should over this) My point being that it's probably an error in judgement or he's forgotten about these coupons being free. I really doubt it's a 'tactic' to make a few dollars by giving away something for almost nothing instead of nothing and screwing over his reviewers. Trust me the last thing a seller wants is angry buyers reviewing his products that feel ripped off.

    Why don't you email him. Maybe he forgot, or was testing something else or didn't realise it would effect the coupons already given out.

    PS: how much are you talking about here? .50c, $1? $5?

    I'm betting he's simply overlooked it or forgotten about it.
  • This went from free to $10.00.....that's quite a steep increase.
  • I sent an email, but have not heard back yet.
  • I've had that issue where it went from free to 10.99 for a 12$ product normally. If you don't feel comfortable paying it then use the report button next to the "I've reviewed this" space and enter the info and it will allow you to remove it from your list. I can understand small overlooks and it's happened and the seller actually ended up giving me the product for free when I said it was not coming up correctly but it was only a few dollars off, not pretty much full price. Just give the seller 24 hours to reply though.
  • Now it's been marked down to $9.00. They have to have gotten my email by now.
  • I think I know who you are referring too and got excepted by the same one. It's not the coupon that's Sammy, I have had that happen quiet often and some sellers reply to help and others don't. This seller actually changed the price on Amazon Trader as well. I knew I would never add something so high and close to retail value on my list so I declined as well. I would never want to work with a seller like that.
  • That's a big leap yeah - then just don't purchase and let amzreviewtrader know
  • I have heard nothing back from the seller, so I just reported it and hid the request. I would have gladly helped out with a review even after I had emailed the seller to see what the issue was and if it could be fixed. But nothing. Thanks everyone for your help and support.
  • You might want to scan through your requests each day because I've noticed multiple items that were free or very low $ that the price changed & I remove the request. I order several things each day & set aside time each day to do reviews. I could not do it if I were paying close to full price on all of these items.
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