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New features?

constantineconstantine ✭✭
edited August 2015 in AMZ Tracker Tools
Hi AMZ Tracker team.

A little while ago you spoke about major improvements to AMZ Tracker and specifically the Review Club... There were system shutdowns and slowdowns to install the updates...

Care to tell us what the new and exciting improvements are? :) Anything on ability to track progress of reviews, follow up with reviewers or view reviewers who did not leave reviews as promised? Would love to hear about the upgrades...



  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    Yeah I'm very curious too.
    I'm pretty vocal about amztracker being awesome, recommend it to people all the time and have used it from the start with no plans to stop. But I haven't noticed any changes at all...

    I'm sure its just a case of the rate it's growing so I imagine it's a big job for you guys - but I still get the exact same profiles requesting multiple times, tons of profiles leading to 404's, About 50% of my review requests don't display any review stats, just the 3 blank lines - when they often lead to a profile with a big review history.
    This is a typical bunch of review requests I get - most of these have a review history, but it doesn't show it for some reason

    Sorting through that is a nightmare - there doesn't seem to be any consistency with why certain profiles don't show their stats so I can't browse the review requests quickly.
    eg: some of those have a long review history and are old accounts, some are new with 10-20 reviews, and a few are completely new.
  • Yes I would like to know as well. I am finding that at best I get 60% reviews left. Today about a month after I started using amztraker some of those reviews I sent out asked for refunds.

    I don't care about the $1 refund they got but it cost me another $3 in shipping fees now because of the return. Plus it hurts my metric. For someone who I gave the product I would like to see reviews have to enter their purchase code before they are eligible for another code. You should also require them to paste their review in 30 days so we can track them.

    If something like this is not implemented the site is not really worth me staying here.
  • @tiger1873 I wonder about the return issue you are having. As a reviewer I don't think u have ever returned a review item that cost under $5 and no one I know does either. Is it possible that your inventory was damaged by Amazon and that is why you have so many returns? If it were me I would place an order and check it myself.
    As far as missing reviews, if they went to the trouble of returning the product for a $1 refund I don't think you really want a review that they would leave. I know a lot of reviewers that don't leave a review if it is going to be a negative review.

    Just a thought.
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