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Multiple requests from the same reviewers

Hey There,
I'm a new user to AMZTracker and i started using the review club just recently, however i already noticed that the same people that already got a promo code from me are approaching again in order to get a second one. does the platform blocks them from doing that? I don't want to waste my inventory on the same people...



  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    I thought this was fixed but in my experience I still get requests from the same people multiple times. I even look at their review history and they have reviewed the exact product within the last week.

    I think if you start a new promotion for the same product, then anyone can apply again - But I thought it was fixed so ppl couldn't apply multiple times within the same promotion - in my experience they can and do. Unless multiple people are just using the same profiles, not sure there's anything to stop that.
  • I'm a reviewer & I do request multiple items of the same brand or from the same seller, but not the exact same item that I've already reviewed. Amazon will only let you review an item once. I figure if a merchant liked the review I did on one of their products then they wouldn't mind giving me a deal to review their other products as well. It would be a good thing though if those items I've already reviewed did not show up again. I do have to pay close attention to make sure it's not. But if I really liked one product from that seller I will request their other items that are up for reviews.
  • Also, a couple of times I had an issue with the code not working. I reported the issue, but had removed the item from my list, so then I requested it again, hoping next time if I was chosen the code would work.
  • I do the same thing as FYA, I request multiple items by the same seller because it is usually an item I'd really like to review. On our end, amz doesn't tell us if it's a product we've requested before, and since I write a fair amount of reviews for a few different places it's not always easy to remember whether I've reviewed it already or not. Just today, somehow I received a code to buy another of a product I knew I had reviewed and I e-mailed the seller letting them know that the code wouldn't be used, then I reported and removed the product from my list so that they would have the opportunity to get another review.
  • Hey Guys,
    This is NOT supposed to be happening, a reviewer being able to request the same product twice. We are reviewing the code about it now to see what the problem is (and will get it fixed)
  • That would be great. That's one of two things keeping me from becoming a seller using AMZ Tracker. The other one is seller's instructions being unavailable to the buyers either after a period or time or maybe because the offer is no longer available or some other factor that then removes the sellers instructions.

    I'm already a buyer and I was selected by a seller to get his product at a discount then leave a review. What I liked about this seller is that he left very detailed instructions on what he'd like from me the buyer when leaving a review. Now the product arrived today and I no longer get access to the sellers instructions.

    This is the product if you want to take a look

    Now I can still click the button to leave a review, but originally after being selected his listing expanded and was quite long with his instructions. Now when I see his listing in my Review Request page all that I can see of his instructions is "Please disclose discount in review" then it's cut off and doesn't expand like it had originally. I'm not sure if maybe once his offer is over then it no longer expands or what. If that's the case that option should be put back in because I as a potential seller want my buyers to see my instructions at all times even after the offer is closed. My offer will no doubt close before they actually get the product and are ready to review so it's a big deal to me if my buyers can't see the instructions I leave them.

  • @scdayton If the seller changes the instructions for the reviewer then it will also be updated on the "Review Requests" page, as is the case for the linked product.
  • FWIW I think this has been largely fixed in the last week or so?

    Noticed a lot of good changes in the review club - no more empty profiles as well. Any other changes in the last week?
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