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Get negative review removed


I heard from a couple of sources that it's possible to get negative reviews removed, especially if they're about shipping.

I have the problem that somebody posted a negative review and is rambling about the product. This person never ordered the product or tested it, therefore he shouldn't be allowed to write a review.

Any ideas on how to get reviews like that removed and what I should tell the seller support?

Thanks a lot


  • @Lukas yes, you can and most of the time very easily. You contact seller support via a ticket, provide product details, review details and reasons why it should be removed. When dealing with FBA products, it is almost certains that a negative review caused by a shipping problem or even a damaged product, your negative review will be removed. Since this is run by Amazon's support from India, they are using basic guidelines... occasionally even a well served negative review can be removed, so it does not hurt to as - just in case... Nothing bad should come out of this. Good luck.
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