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Keywords in Amazon

Hi Everyone,

Just got my amztracker up and running yesterday. Really diggin it! I have a question about Amazons keyword rankings...from what I had read before, Amazon already accounts for plurals....but through my keyword rankings on amztracker I have discovered that we are ranked differently for both singular and plural...whats the general consensus?


  • Does AMZtracker have a way to see the key words that are the biggest boosts to our competitors? They may be back end key words that are not obvious to the naked eye but that search engines can see.
  • Hi Sandra,

    I am not sure I completely understand your question but here is my answer if it helps. As far as I know, you cannot just find the keywords that your competitor is using with amztracker... the best advice I can offer is taking the keywords that you know for your own product ( which should be similar) and then adding a list of keywords from a keyword tool(s) and then imputing them into the keyword tracker for your competitors product and seeing which ones they rank is a bit of guess work but overall it does work. I found several words through a keyword search as well as scraping the competitors page for what I think there keywords would be and then imputing them to see if they come up. The other method that I have read either here or in another forum is to simply run a very low daily budget automatic campaign but with a high bid to guarantee that you win...then Amazon will give you the keywords that people actually searched in the campaign report..this may not exactly be the competitors keywords but if your product is categorized similarly and your product is similar then the keywords that the report shows should help. Hope that was useful.
  • Plurals are 100% treated different in Amazon search rankings.. although everything I've read from amazon experts claims otherwise.
    I think it's more bullshit Amazon wisdom passed down from people who haven't tested anything

    Do a few searches - you get different results for a plural search than a non plural search for everything, as the intent is usually different. Amazon isn't as dumb as it perhaps once was.

    Some obvious examples are:
    golf club/golf clubs,
    tennis ball/tennis balls.
    Green supplement/ Green supplements

    Different results for each search.

    These could be argued that they have different search intent (they do) - my point is that amazon 100% takes into account plurals, as often the searcher wants something different.
    EG: if theirs a multipack available, that will likely convert better for the plural search and therefore rank better - but obviously it would be stupid not to include the keyword with the plural in your listing as well as people sometimes just search differently
  • To answer your question about finding competitors kw's
    No amztracker can not find them for you but it shouldn't be that hard to spot them. They will be used the your competitors listing and if you are also in the market you can spot them.
    Once you get a list of possible kw's together enter them into amztracker for that product and in just a few mins you will see how they rank.
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