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A Slightly Different Approach

I am a little concerned with getting too many reviews and sales from reviewers using discount codes as I imagine this will leave an obvious footprint should Amazon clamp down at any time. Is it possible to use the Review Club and Paypal the selected reviewers the money so that they pay the full price thereby leaving no obvious footprint? I realise there is a risk that they could take the money and run but imagine if their reputation is good this would be unlikely. Thanks.


  • ZetaZeta ✭✭
    I'm pretty sure this would violate Amazon's TOS.
  • It is absolutely a violation of Amazon's TOS and will get both parties, seller and reviewer, banned.
  • Thanks. Do you think this is because the reviewer is not disclosing that they received the product for free? Essentially it is the same as using the Review Club in that the reviewer has been given an incentive. Please could you explain a little more? Thanks.
  • What's the violation in Amazons tos?

    What if they don't post a review?
  • It is against Amazon's TOS because they clearly state that reviewers are not permitted to accept payment or reimbursement for purchasing the product and leaving a review. If they don't leave the review then I assume there is no violation but wouldn't that defeat the purpose? I'm going to find the link for you.
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