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Who can I contact at Amazon to find out whether my product can be sold on and which criteria it will accept?


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    [email protected] handles this
  • Thank you Sammy and Travis. Much appreciated.
  • Hi Sammy and Travis, could you please help me again. I emailed Jeff 4 days ago and up to now I have not had a response from him. I don't know if this is a stupid question, but what is the turn-around time for him to come back to you on an answer. I know there are probably thousands of people emailing him at once, but is there anyone else, beside him, that I can also contact regarding my product. I am sorry if I sound impatient - don't mean to.

  • Hahaha... You guys.

    Frances, I am pretty sure that Jeff Bezos, the founder and major shareholder of one of the largest companies in the world with some 90 billion in revenue (as well as an owner of his own space port and a company that is building space ships on the side) does not handle questions that can be answered by a 1 second search on Google.

    Amazon has FAQ, Seller Support Forum and many ways of contacting support via phone, chat and email.

    In addition to restricted products listed above, Amazon has categories that are either prohibited or restricted to qualified sellers. e.g. I had to apply to sell clothing, fashion and accessories before...

    Good luck,

  • Thanks so much Constantine for coming to my rescue. I would have been waiting forever if you never said anything. Thanks Sammy for making a joke, at my expense, but I guess that is how you learn. I do see the funny side of it though. Would have been a good April fools joke hahaha.
  • No problem, @Frances - we all revolve around Amazon here, so I got a good chuckle out of the joke... I actually laughed pretty hard. In case you did not find the answer on the link I posted, you can message me and I will tell you, based on what I know, if the product is ok to sell and if I am not sure, I will do a quick research... just for my own curiosity :) Good luck. Sounds like a long road ahead of you, but long does not mean not reachable and not fun... so go for it.
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