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Has anyone given away 1000 units or more through a SuperURL?

I've been reading the forum and it seems like people give away 50 to 200 units. I have enough stock to giveaway 1000 units and I want to target 2 to 3 keywords. My category is mid-range competitive (NOT a supplement or Electronic accessory) and my product stands out since it is not an exact copy that others are selling. I do plan to have at least 50 reviews before I run the giveaway and have an optimized listing.

Can anyone share their recent experiences with large giveaways? Are they working as well as before?


  • I honestly don't see any reason to giveaway 1000 at a time... I dont know your goals or product - but to me it seems like a waste. I'd spread them out over time if it was me.

    My goals are to rank my product over time, get reviews that seem natural and spread them out to mimic a product that is selling well.... all the while increasing organic sales until they can match up with the giveaways.

    People notice if you got 1000 reviews at once and it looks completely unnatural. I think it would create more suspicion and mistrust among a lot of potential buyers if they looked through your reviews and saw they were all on the same date, and trust is half the battle when trying to sell online.

    This is just my opinion though..
  • Some real life examples:
    I've seen countless people use this strategy in my niche and this is what happens every time.

    Their BSR drops from x0000 to top 100, their organic rankings shoot up to first page for a lot of terms. They get a heap of reviews a week later, and probably get a few extra organic sales.

    Then.... their sales go back to normal. They lose any best seller badge, their rankings drop as their conversion rate plummets back to what ever it was originally.

    Finally they end up in the exact same position they were in - or worse.

    Here's a random example of a seller in my niche doing this:
    Notice the drop from 19k BSR to top 100, I'm guessing they gave away 500-1000 units over a few days. This isn't a lousy product, it's just that their organic sales and conversion rate will never match the huge giveaway - so they will drop back to normal 100% of the time.
    Here's a product I've used amztracker review club on - but spacing out reviews over time:

    The bump near the end was when I ran out of stock for a few days, but as I'd built up organic sales it went back to normal within a day or two.
    Here'e another example of a competitor - they dropped from 12,000 to 55 BSR overnight from a giveaway, this would = about 500 giveaways in the same day in my niche.
    My guess is they ran out of money/stock afterwards - as they haven't done a whole lot since.

    I know this is exactly what expensive courses teach and expensive and shitty services sell... but I have no idea what the purpose of it is. If you want an idea of how to rank on Amazon I'd really reccomend reading this amazon seo article from Feedbackz

    If I'm off base here your goal is just to get 1000 reviews asap to match your comp, then go for it.
  • loops77loops77
    edited August 2015
    Wow, thanks for the thoughtful reply.

    My category is sports and outdoors, but no I'm not trying to get 1000 reviews; I'm trying to rank on page 1 to 2 for three keywords. I did something similar in the UK and my product was in demand enough to maintain its position based on organic sales after I ranked first page for the keywords I targeted. Took about 10 days in all over there. I don't want to rank overtime, I want to rank quickly. I know what type of sales my competitors are making each month in the US as well.

    I will have 6000 units, so I will have plenty to sell after the blast. But I do agree, natural organic reviews convert better. I did spend time getting about 20 reviews in the UK before I ran a giveaway..and I only had to giveaway about 300.

    What was your PPC budget when you ranked for your product over time?

  • The only issue is whether getting ranking for the keywords is enough to keep you there.... I'd want to be sure your page is converting pretty well - 10-20% minimum before risking 1000 units. Id hate to waste that much stock to rank for a few keywords only to find you don't stay there afterwards
  • I agree 110% with Sammy on consistency winning out over big blasts!
    Historical sales are so damn important, so spread them out. Also, I recommend using several keywords instead of 1-2. They can be highly related, and longtail keywords, but having diversity I see as a good thing. It'll help you take over your niche.
  • Thanks guys. It was so easy in the UK, I guess the US is way different.
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