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How can I tell how many Amazon Codes I have left to give out?

I've gone through and selected the reviewers I wanted to give codes to, but I lost count how many I rewarded. Is there is where in AMZ tools to see this information. Otherwise I could possibly select reviewers and don't have any codes left.


  • why not check your amazon central account. Don't they put reserved for the number of codes u have selected, I am sure that is what happened when I did this
  • They show what I have reserved but they don't count down as they are used. I was able to find out how many I had left by click on the AmazonReview Club, then in the action section of each product there is a green or red arrow. Clicking on it bring up the page where you setup the Amazon Codes and you can check there to see how many you have left. The arrow turns red when you run out as well.
  • When you have finished your codes you will see a red "!" right next to the USA flag situated under your product name in the Amazon review Club section
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