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How to find out what key words the competition is using ??

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Hello all,

I am glad to have found you guys and also the awesome AMZ Tracker tools..... Amazing software. I am new to this and wonder if anyone here can give some tips and tricks on how to find out what key words the competition is using. Can this be done in the tracker tool of AMZ Tracker?

Cheers and thanks/ Johan


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    Hey Johan,
    Really happy to hear that you're enjoying AMZ Tracker. I know how much it can improve your sales :).

    As for finding your Amazon competitors keywords, 9/10 the main keywords a product ranks for will be in the title. What I do is take any of the keywords that stand out in a competitors title, then I head over to Merchant Words. I'll then put in the few "seed" keywords and see what pops up, looking for the keywords that can contribute the most traffic (ie the highest volume keywords).

    Pop those into your AMZ tracker rank tracker, come back in a day and you're all set.

  • Great thanks ... :)
  • I think this way is perfect!
  • Sweden12Sweden12
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    you have mentioned the use of Merchant Words to find good keywords. We have been using Merchant Words last year, but have stopped using it once we have realized that it hasn't been updated in a long time. For example when you did a search for Worldcup 2014 we got results for Worldcup 2010 and others, but nothing for Worldcup 2014. There have been several searches with keywords for major events (like Superbowl, Germany Soccer Shirt, etc.) where Merchant Words came back with keywords which where outdated (wrong year) or have shown very low number of hits. The owner of Merchant Words told us that there are some bugs which he was going to fix, but this has never happened, that' why we quit. Did you experience similar issues?
    Why are you guys not developing something similar than them. This would take AMZ Tracker to another level...:-).
  • @Sweden12 Maybe we already are :wink: ...
    Merchant Words is absolutely not perfect, but IMO it doesn't need to be. All I need is a general sense of the keywords. Optimize for everything there and the rest takes care of itself.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
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    I'd start with google keyword tool:
    What would you type into google to find your product? Find the biggest keywords and put these into merchant words to give a much more comprehensive list of possible keywords. Your competition is probably targeting the bigger ones, but these will be in their Product Titles anyway.

    Google keyword tool gives a much better idea of search volume for current and emerging keywords being used in the industry, and which ones are increasing in search volume.
    Merchant words is lagging in this aspect, as it doesn't update very frequently.

    For the bigger volume keywords in my niche - merchant words has 2-3 times the search volume listed than Google Keyword Tool, so I just average the two to give myself some overall idea of search volume. Not very scientific but hey it's better than nothing.
    Merchant words is also great for finding all the little long tail KW's and weaving them into your description / bullets.

    I agree with @Travis_Jamison you don't need EXACT search data with this - if there's some ok volume and there's competitors selling, then go for it.

    Also Travis - there was another keyword tool you've mentioned before in this forum but I cant find the post, cheers.
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    @sammy +1 to everything you said above. Spot on.

    The two tools that I am in love with are specifically for Google, but like you mentioned they can help out a lot for finding Amazon keywords:
    1) Term Explorer - Super generous free plan.
    2) A good tool. Their free usage still helps a lot. The pro version is a little pricey for what it is though.
  • Why not just put the big KWs in your title, and then apply Amazon Automatic Targeting Advertisement, put the default bid with a high price, like 1.5$, and after 3 days you will find the KWs which is most relevant to your products and choose those with high search volume.
  • kiwionekiwione
    edited May 2015
    David545 - I agree this is the best way. It does involve cost obviously... but so does Merchant Words etc. I tried Merchant Words and used the keywords from it, however after doing the above 'Automatic' advertising through Amazon I was surprised at the huge difference in not only keywords, but search volume etc.

    It's also incredibly helpful to see which ones get the best CTR, how much they cost etc. This is really the best way I've found. :)
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Why not use both? Automatic targeting misses a bunch as well...
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    Any idea which of those tools work for I found Merchant Words and others only work for .com/.uk .

    I'm glad AMZ Tracker works for the german market though :-)
  • @Philip Kleudgen None of the other Amazon keyword tools (like Merchant Words) really work for non-US/UK TLD's.
    TermExplorer,, and Google keyword planner works in all countries and can help you get the basic keyword ideas though.

    Really though, a lot of it comes down to describing the products. If your highly ranking competitor is selling "purple socks" then without a doubt their number 1 selling keyword will be "purple socks". So always start by trying to rank for the most descriptive term 1st ("merino wool purple socks for men"), and then expand outward. It usually comes down to common sense.

    pick a few strong main keywords, and add "modifiers". From the example above:
    - wool
    - cotton
    - large
    - warm
    - soft
    - striped
    - cheap
    - bright
    - dark

    Just go with that and you can never go wrong!
  • if you want the exact keywords for any ASIN you can use KeywordInspector. You just buy credits, choose the ASIN & it gives you all the keywords used in rank order.

    Just do a goole search for simple.keywordinspector & watch the video to see how it works.

    Hope this helps.
  • Meh. I used it. Not all that impressed with it. Maybe I got a bad batch or something.
  • Meh. I used it. Not all that impressed with it. Maybe I got a bad batch or something.

    Yes,I tried keywordsinspector and it doesn't did a impressive work, much worse than AMZTracker indeed, just could collect some keywords of strong competitors and which is also big keywords far beyond our power to seize a good rank,and don't have to use brain to get that kind of keywords, longtail term with less competition is my cake! Keywords inspector is useless if can't pop out long-tail terms with details in competition.
  • lol keywordinspector gave me zero of the key words I have for one of my products and actually gave key words which appear no where in my front end of the ad, backend of the ad nor anything to do with the product.
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