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Multiple categories?

Hi all.

Any advice on how to assign a product to multiple Amazon categories? What's the best way to go about it on existing products? I know it is possible...




  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    Email seller support - here's what I made up and it always works.

    Just note that you are only in ONE category, Amazon change the search/browse nodes so you can appear in the second and third categories. Make sure that is very clear that you want to remain in your original category.


    I'd like to have the browse nodes changed for my Product XXXX, Asin number XXXXX so that it shows in XXX-->XXX--->XXX category. (I write the whole the browse tree with the final category name so there's no confustion)
    I would like my product to remain in my original category of XXXX but also be seen in the second category of XXX.
    I feel it would benefit Amazon browsers if my product appeared in XXX category as it (explain the relevance of why you should be in there).
    Please note that I wish to remain in my original category of XXXX."

    That's my template and hasn't failed ever
  • Thank you, @Sammy - I will give this a try...
  • haha I may have given you bad advice @constantine -
    I just tried to do this for a product and got turned down. Might just be that rep, but he claimed they have just changed the rules and can't change the browse nodes as this will remove it from the original category.
    I know this is 100% bullshit though... as I see ppl change categories everyday and doubt they've made any massive changes overnight.
  • Amazon is a huge machine and often one hand does not know what the other is doing... I get it every day where one rep says OK and another tells me it is not doable... so hey... worth a try...
  • Yup, I've just resubmitted the same request - will see how it goes.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    yeah it still works - the very next day with a different rep, exact same request, same template

    "Dear Seller,

    Thank you for your patience.

    As per your request I have added the browse node xxxxx and also retained the browse node xxxxxxxx

    I hope I was able to help you.

    If you have any further concerns you may write back by clicking on the link below:
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