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Super URLs link to incorrect child product!

edited August 2015 in AMZ Tracker Tools
Hi All,

Let say, i have silicone spatula product with two child listing red set, and green set.

I created two supers URLs (A and B ) with two keywords: silicone spatula, best silicone spatula

- Super url A with keyword: silicone spatula for red set.
- super ulr B with keyword: best silicone spatula for green set.

I created sucessfully two super URLs.

However, the problem appear here is: when we click on super url B, it links to red set product listing instead of green set listing, this is incorrect.

The problem is here super URLs link to incorrect child product!

I tried delete and start over, also i already check all things. i am sure i didn't do anything wrong.
But problems still there.

Please let me know how to solve these issues or any people has the same issue like me?

thanks a lot.


  • Yeah, I've noticed this issue even when I list a product for lists another color variation instead of the one I added.

    How is everyone dealing with this that is promoting a product with several variations?
  • @loops77 : I submit my question to AMZ Tracker many times, no one in their supporter answer me.
    It's kinda bad service at the moment :(

    @Travis_Jamison : Where is Travis_Jamison admin, please answer us?
  • @tommy I just checked and it looked like you only emailed support 7 hours ago. We don't staff the support tickets 24/7 unfortunately (for now but we'd like to).

    I just reached out to @An_Ly to get it fixed. I'm sure we'll have it working in no time.

  • tommytommy
    edited August 2015
    @Travis_Jamison i will monitor and update here once the issue will be solved completely.

    As this is only me getting this issue, and not only @loops77 also,

    I am looking at this issue as happening to every members,

    I just wonder that why they didn't ask or mention about this earlier to your guys know and fix it.

    This issue bring me a lot of email from reviewers regarding to vouchers invalid.

    I have to contact them and let me know choose exactly size and color for that particular coupon code. (Because incorrect super URL link them to different child product)

    @An_Ly : and who is @An_Ly you mention Travis? I am new here so i don't know him; however, i believe @An_Ly should speak out if problem is solved to let all members know.

    Waiting for feedback of AMZ Tracker team.
    Once again, i believe this issue should be fix ASAP.

    Thank you!
  • @tommy Hey there! I'm the lead developer of AMZ Tracker and usually have my head buried in code so my apologies for not being more active on these forums.

    I found and fixed the bug you mentioned. It was to do with the formatting of the URLs of some Amazon products.

    Thanks for letting me know!
  • @loops77 When adding a product you can untick the "Track Parent Product and All Variations" checkbox. AMZ will then only track the particular ASIN you entered.

    Otherwise AMZ will track all the variations/child products and present the highest ranking of the variations.

    Hope that helps!
  • @An_Ly i'm glad this issue was fixed. Appreciated that!
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