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Some reviewers become hijackers..

edited August 2015 in General
If you type your product name on ebay for example, you may be surprised to find your products that some of those reviewers got for almost nothing are being sold there, using your Amazon listing info (images, graphics, bullets and product descriptions).

Here's one -

You can contact ebay. They will remove those listings.


  • If you look through them all you'll see most of the items are listed as new... This means that this reviewer is leaving reviews for products he/she never used, so technically they're all fake. Perhaps this is enough evidence to get them banned from reviewing all together on Amazon? If you can get this person's name and Amazon profile url, you should try to report them for leaving fake reviews. Amazon has been going after people like this a lot more lately. I'm sure they'd appreciate a tip off... Just banning them from the AMZ Review Club isn't enough in my opinion...

    I'm a reviewer myself and I HATE it when I see other reviewers doing shady stuff like this. It weakens the relationship between reviewers and sellers and it makes me so mad. Sellers won't offer as many great items as they've been if people keep doing things like this.

    If there's ever some sort of reporting feature for this site, I'll be happy to use it if I ever come across someone selling tons of stuff from here...
  • Not to worry, the admin for this site will ban them pretty quickly.
  • New Valley Products listed my product on Amazon and I had to email [email protected] to have them dumped.... Check Ebay as well. I have wasted hours of tracking these low life down and getting their lazy asses removed. AMZ should use at least an IP address to only allow one account for each IP. It won't stop them but it would help MY NEW RULE: If you don't have ONE review in your Amazon profile you are deleted....go really BUY something and review it....
  • This is just awful. I can not stand people like this because they call themselves reviewers and they aren't, they are thieves.
  • They paid for the product..not sure why you are bothered by them selling on ebay etc.
  • loops77 said:

    They paid for the product..not sure why you are bothered by them selling on ebay etc.

    1. Because most times, those that picked up products at a discount are selling them on eBay lower then the product owner is selling them for undercutting their eBay listing.

    2. This is a REVIEW site...not a wholesale warehouse. I guess those that are trying to sell reviewed products are selling them as used on eBay??? Hmmmm... NOT.

    3. It's a slimy thing to do as well as a lazy thing to do...profiting off others hard work. Build a real business yourself.

    4. I swat 2-3 sellers a week off eBay for copyright infringement under eBay's VERO program and they are beginning to ban accounts for repeat offenders.

  • TopTTopT
    edited August 2015
    Receiving products as part of a promotion and selling it on and also leaving a "fake" review as not actually trying the product - unethical and against so many TOS! - giving reviewers a bad name and making sellers account look bad.
    Opening and closing Amazon profiles like it's nobody's business! Using a different name to order products.

    Sellers beware!
    Juan Rivera is now Tim C.

    Look at the youtube video about New Valley Products - Juan Rivera
  • leo77 said:

    Not to worry, the admin for this site will ban them pretty quickly.

    How can the admins tell? I can even link which reviewers are reselling my product on ebay. Names are different and I've had many reviewers.

    1 seller even claims to have 2 of my product available when we only do single they must have multiple reviewer accounts.

    I'm guessing this ebayer is selling a ton of reviewer goods by looking at the other items for sale.
  • Here's the contact info in case someone needs to send him a C&D letter like I'm about to.
    Juan Rivera
    5934 West Lake North Dr. #A
    Indianapolis, IN 46224
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