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"Show Link To Amazon"


Do reviewers prefer to see the Amazon link: with the "Show Link to Amazon" tick box ticked?

And / or does having this link ticked / enabled increase uptake in requests for a discount code to review? Or does having it un-ticked dramatically decrease uptake in offers of discount codes?



  • As far as I understand; there's no real upside for ticking the box
  • If they go to the link to look and leave it trashes your conversion rate more.
  • Great - thanks for the advice.
  • I always want to look at the item on Amazon before I request it. I want to see what kind of reviews it already has (good ones I hope!) and possibly how many there are.

    If there's no "view on Amazon" link I will sometimes search for it. But most of the time I'll just move on.
  • I like to check the item out beforehand too. Especially as some of the items (supplements/beauty products) I need to be careful with.

    If I have to manually search for something it lowers my interest (I won't necessarily dismiss it immediately). It's not out of laziness or anything, it's just a lot simpler to have the link there.
  • Cool. I've turned the link on so it's now visible on Amazon. Thanks for the feedback.
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