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Best method for a limited selling campaign for a seller?

If I wanted to create a new campaign for AMZ Tracker to give away 10 units of my product each day for 3 or 4 days what would be the steps to best accomplish that?

I'm thinking if I created a separate 10 discount coupon campaign each day then the people I approve may not even check their account that day when I approve them so if I used a 24 our coupon it would expire before they even knew they were approved. The odds of that happening are even greater considering the fact that it would take me time just to go through the requests to find my first 10 people so it wouldn't even be a 24 hour time frame. I could use some advice on how best to get my 10 reviewers per day so I can show Amazon a consistent 10 sales per day using AMZ software.




  • Is this question more of a support desk item?
  • I am also interested in pacing promotions to x amount per day or per week.
    In the end the best behavior for ranking and SEO will imitate natural sales... I would be happy to allocate e.g. 10% of stock to promotions and have promos scheduled at X per day.... load up the codes and have this run on semi-autopilot...

    I also understand that Trevor and Erik are busy boys and they would be forever enslaved to AMZ, if they did everything we asked... so they will do whatever the gotta do... This would be an awesome feature though...

    For now it would have to be a manual process... schedule a task, enable campaign, add codes, disable campaign in whatever intervals you need... There is no fully automated way of doing it for now... I have my assistant do this for me... so could you.

    I suppose you can run an ongoing campaign with e.g. 1000 codes added... people apply... and you approve 10 per day... pause it if too many apply to avoid leaving reviewers hanging... just un-check "Remove review listing" when you want to suspend the campaign...

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