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Opening Second Seller Account in The Same Category

Hey Guys,

Has anyone successfully opened a second seller account to sell in the same category as your first account? I'm launching a second brand, and I don't want to associate it with my original brand even though it's in the same niche. I realize some sellers launch multiple brands under one main seller account, but I would rather keep it separate and have one brand per seller account.

From what I gather opening a second account is generally not a problem, but doing so to sell in the same category may be. Any tips or information on what I should include in the request would be appreciated. Would like to do it under the same business entity, but I have a separate entity if necessary.



  • As far as I understand and I am pretty sure this is a fact - Amazon does not allow multiple accounts for one entity. You can sell sex toys and diapers for all they care- name your store something unrelated to the category and sell whatever you want.

    I am not saying that you are unable to do it, but this is against their policy. Technically, the only allowed way would open an account under a second company or under your wife's name and do it that way...

    I do not know how heavily this is patrolled, but in my case, I never do anything that could jeopardize our whole business...

  • We have two accounts in the same category ( We had to get permission from [email protected] who were very difficult to deal with. They insist that you use a separate bank account and email address and that you agree in advance that you will not sell the same products on both accounts. I explained that we were running the two sides of the business separately internally and it would make things awkward if we were using only one amazon account. I have saved the mail they sent eventually agreeing to allow this in case we encounter any problems down the line. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks guys.

    I'm not planning to sell the same product as in the same ASIN, but the same type of product. For example:
    Brand 1, Account 1 Weight Loss Capsule
    Brand 2, Account 2 Weight Loss Capsule

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