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Do Amazon Super URLs Still Work? (Hint: yes!)

edited August 2015 in Amazon SEO
A couple of times a month I get the question from someone "Are Super URLs Still Working on Amazon?". Usually this question arises from them hearing it from a random person on a forum, OR if they just did a massive promo giveaway and the results are jumping around (normal).

Luckily we get to see ALL KINDS of data at AMZ Tracker. More data on this than probably anyone else. The results are always the same; Yes Super URLs still work for ranking products on Amazon.

As most of you know, I'm a huge seller on Amazon myself. I just did another small test to be able to show you the power of super urls. In this example I wanted to avoid a brand new product, as we all know that just doing review club giveaways will boost up rankings for all keywords for new products. That would skew the results.

So, I took a product that had been stable at # 1 for its main keyword for some time. Here are the rankings for the main keyword:
main keyword Amazon rankings

Next, I took a keyword for that same product that was somewhat related, but that had ZERO rankings initially. I targeted this and a few other hyper-relevant similar keywords. I simply used our Super URL tool combined with our review club and the results speak for themselves.
From nowhere, to position 22, to position 3 all within a week:

Yes Super URLs still work

TL;DR - Super URLs still work just fine, and are an awesome way to boost rankings on the keywords you care about.

Extra tips:
I almost always see the best results from NOT just focusing on one singular key-phrase. I always select at least 2-3 keywords for the Super URL to rotate through, and I feel like this always produces better results somehow. I can't explain why, it just does. Also, sometimes the rankings will bounce around a little after doing giveaways, this is normal but don't worry, the rankings always boost up after that.

Hope this helps!


  • How many did you giveaway?
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    I've tested similar stuff recently too and Super Urls definitely still work. But I'm also in the camp that says they probably won't work this well forever - so get in while you still can.

    I think the problem for alot of people is everyone in your niche is now targeting the same big keywords with a superurl. So using a super url is just the entry level - it won't guarantee you the no. 1 spot no matter how many sales you throw at it - as your competitors are doing the exact same thing.

    Using a superurl for competitive terms these days is the same as everyone not using them. You have no real advantage over your competition.
    Think of it like using steroids in pro sports. Everyone does it.. and you can't win without them. But you don't have any advantage over anyone else cause they are all on the same stuff..

    What's the alternative? Target Longtails

    I always keep my big 3-4 kw's active using the super url, but recently did a test to try get a certain subgroup of keywords all at number 1.They were all between position 4-6 at the time.

    They were low volume keywords (500-3000 according to Google) but all super relevant to my product. I just added them to the super URL and within a few days most were at 1-2, I dropped them one once they reached no 1 spot, and ended up with all except 1 at no 1 spot and they have all stuck for a week so far, even now that I've stopped sending traffic/sales to them.

    If you are having trouble with getting ranked for the hard, high volume keywords in your niche - do some more KW research and target smaller, more specific ones.

    I can almost guarantee no one else in my niche is targeting these just by the ease of it. And tbh it's just as useful to be ranking for a bunch of these than the 2-3 big keywords in your niche. Because guess what - everyone else is competing with you and they probably have bigger budgets and can out spend you as they already are at the top.

    PS: I use to find these
  • Great post... Just like @loops77 I am curious how many units you used in your test, @Travis_Jamison.

    @Sammy I am looking at sales for my products and I know that that many rank top positions for the niche/long tail keywords, but this is not where the sales are coming from, because my best sellers all rank on page one for the main keywords... this is sometimes as much as 10x sales volume. So unless I am content with smaller volume of sales, I am interested in getting to page one of those mainstream KWs... I think the answer is to shoot for both... again, I am in a niche with less competition and I have a lot of products, so my story is different.
  • Just like @loops77 I am curious how many units you used in your test, @Travis_Jamison.

    I think it was roughly 15 units. I would expect if the product didn't already have existing authority (ie other rankings) then it would have taken a good bit more.

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