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How to contact Seller Performance directly via phone?

I have several sellers attack my listings - adding their unrelated, differently branded products to my listings as variations.
I approach them and ask to F OFF, but that does not always work... Contacting Seller Support is useless - they direct you to Seller Performance team (via email). This does not work. I am guessing that this is operated by an India based department and they either ignore my requests, or reply in weekly intervals, or after several detailed emails, they ask me to explain why they should remove the parasite products from my listings, even though it was already explained in detail. Basically they are clueless.

Is there a more direct way to contact Seller Performance? Phone? Escalations? It sucks that something as direct of a violation takes so much effort to deal with and is so hard to attack. Amazon is ridiculous that way. One customer marks a single order as "used sold as new" by mistake (out of 700+ monthly sales item) and the product gets suspended. An asshole adds totally different items to a branded listing, you show it to them with proof and trademark letter - no response for a week... Advice?


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