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Products disappearing from my "review requests" list altogether? Can't submit review.

I am having an issue where I received a few products (at least 3 now) to review. I get them, take a few days to test them in order to compose a fair review, and by the time I get back to my computer to write a review, the review request has disappeared completely, and I have no way to submit that I reviewed said item. This is frustrating, as I want to review the products and make it known I have. It's as if the product was never on my list in the first place.

Is anyone else having this issue, and what can I do?


  • I've had the same problem. A few of them I gave a star rating one night, went to sleep thinking about the wording, reviewed the product, and it was gone from the list when I got up. It was REALLYYY frustrating to be honest.
  • I haven't even placed a star rating on them yet. The products just fell off my review requests page. I should also note I was still within the 10 day period, sometimes just a couple days.
  • I have that issue as well. I need to set aside a day soon to comb through my amazon orders and see what I need to review that I've overlooked due to that - I know there are quite a few.
  • I've had that happen to me a couple times last month and I thought they fixed it since then... I guess not. :/

    Unfortunately there's nothing you can do. I don't think the system will be able to link your review to your account, but I doubt you'll get in trouble since this has been happening to a lot of reviewers. I really hope they fix it soon.
  • I have had two products that I was approved for, but were removed by the time I returned to the site the next day. It's pretty annoying.
  • I have to say i've not had any issues. Once approved, I buy the item, receive the item & then review it.

    Could the issue perhaps be a time constraint on the products in your admin page?
    Are you taking too long to review them?
    Has the voucher code ran out in terms of having 48 hrs to use the code?

    If so i'd probably review them as quickly as possible to speed up the whole process.
  • No it is not a time constraint. I am well within the 10 days. Things are disappearing off my list after as little as 3 days. Barely as soon as I receive them. It is not an issue of buying the product either, as I stated I receive the item an it has gone from my list when I return within the reasonable timeframe to review.
  • @kategr415 sorry to hear that.

    Well in which case I would imagine it some kind of glitch in the system. I am however confident that these guys are probs aware of it & are already on the case for a fix.

    When I've contacted support previously they responded very quickly & resolved my issue.

    Fingers crossed they fix it for you so you can buy lots of GOODIES!!
  • @Travis_Jamison have you seen this issue yet?
  • They get removed from Amazon, that is why you cannot review them. I have purchased a few items for firearms from Amazon from a seller outside of AMZ and after getting the product and inspecting and using it, I go back to do a review on it and its gone. I find it in my orders, but when I click on it, it is a blank page. Either the seller was removed from Amazon or the item was removed. Nothing you can do, but make a report on your Review Requests page and state that. That's about all you can do.
  • I have actually contacted a seller via email and they have stated in their reply that Amazon had pulled the product and removed it for various reasons. That's all I was told.
  • Even if an approval falls off your list you can still review the product. Just go through your Amazon orders where you go to leave seller reviews on specific products. Or you can leave a review by going to the product's page.
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