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Only 2 responses to my request for reviewers! Also combinality of tiered discounts & review discount

This is my second round of seeking reviewers. I am curious as to how AMZtracker sends out requests. Do all the same people get my second request who received my first request a few weeks ago when I had hundreds of responses within seconds unlike the 2 I've gotten for this round? I made the discounted price $1.95 because I learned from an experienced, successful Amazon seller that Amazon has been deleting reviews made by people who bought items for $1 while keeping reviews made by those who pay at least $1.95.

Secondly, I took AMZtracker's advice to state in the last bullet that I am offering tiered discounts. In order to avoid reviewers taking advantage of two great deals by checking unrestricted for combinality, I chose to check exclusive. Is there another way to ensure that the reviewers only purchase one of my items at such a huge discount? I know you suggest that we check unrestricted so that reviewers can buy from other sellers at the same time.



  • Amazon only deletes reviews that do not disclose that they received the item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. You are just not allowed to pay the reviewer. I can tell you, as a reviewer, I will not review things that are listed higher than $1, I honestly will usually only review items that are less than $0.25 because I value my time and the amount of effort it takes to write a quality review. I can nearly guarantee that I am not the only reviewer who feels that the sellers who are expecting a detailed review for basically free (giving the item at cost for the seller, then expecting a great review) are a little insulting. I take a lot of my time to test our products and write reviews, and the reason I do that is because I get free or nearly free products.

    Anyway, sorry for the tangent. Best of luck to you!
  • @Sandra_Brooks_Bryant
    I recommend just doing a $$ amount off. This way it doesn't matter how many they add to the cart, they can only get that exact $$ amount off of the total price.
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