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ranked Keywords

Hey Guys I'm new to selling on Amazon let alone all this extra optimization info... its like learning a new language! so thanks for your patience in advance...

My question: One of my keywords is showing its ranked at 25.... yet when i start to type into the amazon search bar one letter at a time the predictive amazon possibles doesnt even bring it up, and other keywords saying not ranked on amz in top 300 are! looking for some reassurance before i create my super URL

also just to be 100% sure, when selecting key words or tracking them is AMZ showing Amazons or Googles ? thanks so much... Pete


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    - The predictive text you're seeing in the search bar has no direct relation to the way products are ranked in the amazon search results. If you are ranking at position 25 according to amztracker that's awesome - it means you are ranking at position 25 in the Amazon search results. Do a quick check on the second page of the search results for that keyword and you should be listed there. This would be a good choice of keyword to target as it's nearly on the first page already.

    - You're correct - Amztracker is great tool for tracking where keywords rank in Amazon.
    There is different software for tracking Google search rankings like etc.
  • Sammy thanks for the support my friend, much appreciated. Pete
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