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Average clicks per sale?

It would be fab if all the clicks resulted in sales; however, that doesn't happen. What's an average number of clicks that's acceptable, and how many clicks are too many and what do we do if everything is optimized and we're getting too many clicks without sales?



  • In searching the web I found that the top 10% have a conversion rate of 11%.
  • What do you mean by everything is optimized? Are you running an Automatic or Manual campaign?
  • Manual campaign. By everything being optimized, I mean getting green checks on the analyzer tool. There seems to be a lag time between the time someone clicks & places an order and the time it takes for the order to show up as pending. I don't know whether that's hours or days. I know an order came in last night when I was watching the clicks but the order didn't show until this morning as pending and the advertising screen says No sales as a result of clicks. There were 6 clicks and one sale. I suppose that's a pretty good conversion rate. Thanks for replying!!
  • Ok, I have found that the orders and clicks do lag behind. If your ratio is 6 to 1 , yeah thats great. Check which keywords are converting the most after a while and continue to optimize.
  • Thanks so much Justin! There's only one kw that happens to also be the word my friends and I use to describe the product, which is responsible for sales.

    I don't understand the relationship between default bid and each key word's bid. I think the bigger my daily budget, the more impressions I'll get, right? Last week it was costing me $2.17 to see my ad on page one of my ipad for this main kw. This weekend $2.89 got me to the right hand side of page one on my laptop, and now, encouraged by sales, I've increased my bid to $3.79 so that I finally see it on page one of my ipad. That seems like a lot per click! My listing appears on page 2 for that keyword, page 2 for another kw, and page 1 for a key word that doesn't get much monthly traffic.

    There are some new competitors who have driven the bid price way up it seems! Thanks for encouraging me on the conversion rate. Since I'm spending money ads, I don't want to lower the sales price.

    Can you explain the relationship of default bid to each key word's bid please?

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