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Help me improve my reviewer profile - I get no offers

Hello review community, I have been a reviewer for a few months, and my offers have almost completely stopped. I am guessing my reviews are not good enough. I am wondering if anyone would give me some pointers. I also wonder if there is some flag on certain accounts from Amazon. I have had a lot of fun reviewing products, but clearly I need improvement because no one is choosing me. Thank you here is my profile.


  • ZetaZeta ✭✭
    Your reviews are short, and just looking at the mosquito bracelet one you said it wasn't that effective but gave it 5 stars anyway. It makes you look like a shill and your reviews are likely to get removed.
  • You misspell things, have bad grammar, short reviews. Your profile is completely empty - people have said they like it to be filled in.
  • Try adding a profile pic. It doesn't even have to be a picture of you. It could be a pet, drawing, some pencils with a fancy instagram filter, etc. Something that shows you're human and have interests other than Amazon reviews! Show the world you're not just a review-posting robot!

    Also fill out the 'About' and 'Interests' sections as well. They don't have to be detailed or give away personal info, but again, just show you're not a robot. Plus, maybe a seller will be more likely to approve you for something if you have a genuine interest in something related to their product.

    Every couple of reviews, I make sure to add some photos. Not every single review, but about every 4 or so since it's so annoying to do sometimes, especially for things that don't need pics like supplements. When sellers check out your profile, they'll look at your last few reviews most likely. Add some photos once in a while to show you're dedicated.

    I also agree with what @Zeta said. I looked through a couple pages of your reviews, and I don't think I saw a single one below 5 stars. While I'm sure most of the products were great, was every single one worthy of a perfect score? Sellers love getting 5 star reviews, but giving so many of them raises some flags, since many fake reviewers from places like Fiverr tend to only give 5 stars. Sellers don't want to be associated with those kinds of reviewers. I definitely think you should revise your mosquito bracelet review.
  • Thanks everyone!
    I will get to work on these, and see if things change. I do have another question, I read from a few sellers that if you have less than 5 stars they are less likely to choose you. Is this true? I can adjust them. The mosquito one needs a lot more work to express what I meant, so I really appreciate the feedback. Also, auto-correct has done dreadful things to my meaning. I really need to look over these.
    I did not realize how political the review process was. I had a review with multiple not helpful votes, and there was not anything wrong with this particular review. This gave me a 50% reviewer rating. I had no idea reviewers got ratings! You learn something new everyday!
    Thanks again, Ellen
  • I think the biggest problem is that the reviews are empty, kind of bland and are regurgitating the sales pitch in the description. For instance how would you know that the Nitrous Oxide supplement that you tried is well formulated? If you have that knowledge then you should include it, if it excelled over others, then state that and in what way. I've never heard anyone that uses is ever state that they got a heightened state of well being from Nitrous and no one that is looking to buy it (primarily body builders) would get anything of use from your review.

    The problem with reviewing supplements is that it is very difficult to know if one is beneficial in two weeks And if you are reviewing multiple ones at the same time it's impossible so you are just making things up or it at least reads like you are.

    The point of the reviews is not just to raise the seller in the rankings but to help the potential buyers that found their listing because of their increased rank know if THIS is the product they should spend their money on. If you came in blind, would you purchase any of those items you have reviewed based only on your review? That is the question you should ask yourself before you send each review.

    If you want to increase the quality of your approvals you need to improve the quality of your reviews. Stop applying for just anything and start just applying for things that you want and know you can write something meaningful about when the time comes. That probably means you are going have to invest in applying for things cost a couple dollars rather than just free items but that is the trade off.
  • I think you can give a one star review and still get approvals. I have. I got a horrible product that was not at all what the seller described, or pictured in their listing. I took it to task point by point, what they claimed and what the reality was. I've received over 50 approvals since I posted that review.

    I think the difference is when you give a lower rating because you wish an item is something it never even claimed to be. I just saw a 3star review for a pet item that stated that they wish the items had come with a vest to put the patch that they has purchased on. The description said there was a patch, the photo showed a patch.. There was no mention or depiction of a vest. The vest would cost 4 times more than the item that the person bought but damn if they didn't give the item a 3 star review because they did not get something they were never actually promised. THAT is the kind of stuff that will get you no love from sellers.

    If you give an honest, well thought out and well reasoned review of a crappy item I think the only repercussions is that you will not get approved by sellers of crappy items. I'm not at all sure that's a bad thing. :)
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    Maybe you've changed it since, but to me it screams it's a re-seller account.

    You've hidden a bunch of stuff it's even more suspect.
    But most people that review ONLY supplements, have bad grammar, take the products descriptions and put them in the reviews I automatically assume are not using the products at all and most likely reselling on ebay and amazon.

    That's what this looks like at first glance. But you've hidden a ton of stuff since starting this thread... so I can't really tell. And you have no profile, but link to a random e-commerce site. And cant spell...
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