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Shipping from China to Amazon Warehouse

Hi Guys,

Quick question here about international shipping. If we're shipping small parcel with DHL from China, do you know if Amazon will accept shipments directly to their FBA warehouses? All of the individual products will be properly labeled, and the boxes will also be properly labeled.

Amazon Seller Central and the Manage FBA Shipments allow me to input a ship from address in China, so I think it should work, but I just wanted to check with everyone else to see if anyone's done it before.



  • Officially, Amazon writes that they cannot be the importer on file. As in when any parcel or shipment comes in internationally, the parcel needs to have a Consignee on file and Amazon says it cannot be them... So while your supplier can spam on the correct docs for Amazon to accept the package for FBA warehouse, I think the issue will be that if a customs broker (your own or UPS/DHL) will need to get consignee info - it cannot be Amazon... there could be a way around this, such as putting down your own phone number and name on this with c/o Amazon FBA, but I have not done this. Our stuff goes to a warehouse in containers and from there we dispatch smaller shipments to FBA... You likely need a lay-over with a third party warehouse or your own home... which of course makes little sense with smaller packages of products...
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