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Following a campaign why does the rankings fall quite quickly?

edited August 2015 in General
Hi Guys I have 3 questions:

1) just tried my first super url campaign to a list of relevant subscribers, i got my product from 800k ranking ( done nothing with it clearly) to rank at 2,900 so happy with that over 48 hours... However I notice today its slipped back to 9000 ranking now campaign ended ? is this Normal ? and why? felt a tad discouraged to see it fall back so quickly.....

2) I want to promote some other products I DONT HAVE a relevant list to approach with a super URL whats the best way to proceed PPC with Google and Amazon?

3) If i get lots of clicks from a super URL but no one buys will this be detrimental MUST i get sales to make progress in Ranking? should i have a landing page from lead pages which filters curiosity seekers from the pack!

Thanks so much for any help, I'm knew to this and its rather frustrating lol.... Thanks Pete


  • justin15justin15
    edited August 2015
    Hi Pete,

    I suggest you read more information about give aways and promotions as well as sales rank...I will look for a post later that I found about all the different variables that Amazon accounts for when ranking you but the answer to your question is quite simple. By issuing your super url for 48 hours, it was apparent to Amazon that your listing had lots of activities (clicks, searchers, sales,etc..) but after that period, all of that went away. Holding sales rank is not about 1 big push that will get you where you want to be, sales rankings are being updated daily or even hourly on Amazon, things are in a constant flux. So you need constant sales in order to maintain what you are looking for. I would suggest spacing your give aways over a longer time period.

    As far as PPC goes, I would use Amazon because of the price and ease since you are new but it depends on your goal, I dont know how you are operating through a website or just Amazon. Make sure to read at least 4-5 pieces of content, check what people are saying in forums, read Travis's post on ppc campaigns and really get your head around what you need to know, learn , and do.

    Best of luck
  • Hey Justin that's great buddy really appreciate the support, big learning curve! I will keep learning and doing and making adjustments as I go and with you guys at hand feeling good. Cheer Pete
  • constantineconstantine ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    I am with @justin15 on this - if you increase sales rank with a promotion, but there are no sales after your artificially boosted promo sales are over, naturally sales rank will fall back... think about what a sales rank is... it is your product's place in a line up of other products based on their sales... sales rank #1 means that in your category, this product has the most sales... then 2, then 3, then ... 2000... other products don't stop selling while you run and after you stop your campaign... so it all depends on a product and what buyers think of it, and what your listing looks like and what your features and pictures are like etc etc... it likely needs more effort and more boost... and more reviews... and it needs to be a great product too :)
  • For the giveaways, don't just give them all away at once. Spread them out. The Amazon algo is all about rewarding products with strong historical sales. So keep dripping them out and the results will stick.

    Also... of course make sure you actually have an awesome product that real people want to buy. That's the fastest way to get high rankings that stick after you do promos :)
  • Thanks Constantine and Travis great advice..... any wisdom you can share on question 3 which got a bit lost in the crossfire lol thanks again..Pete

    3) If i get lots of clicks from a super URL but no one buys will this be detrimental MUST i get sales to make progress in Ranking? should i have a landing page from lead pages which filters curiosity seekers from the pack!
  • Don't worry about it too much. Conversion rate will matter, but more sales matters even more.
  • Travis i have purchased some data and have it in a contact manager .. historically this data results in lots of curiosity clicks on links but doesnt translate too much to sales until much cultivation. So you can see why i ask about if clicks but no buys at first will still help improve my ranking even if it doesnt initially translate to sales? so would you say it will make me progress just getting clicks? sorry if this all sounds basic i'm so new to this im learning as much as i can as i go... cheers Pete
  • Hey Pete,
    I would estimate that a few clicks (without sales) would improve your rankings VERY marginally. At the end of the day, sales are all that matter.

    So only worry about sales, and forget about everything else and you'll be fine.
  • Thanks Travis
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