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New Amazon Terms of Service.

Hi guys
just had an email regarding Amazon new TOS regarding the 'Super URL' which has effectively banned it if I'm not mistaken?


We are writing all sellers to let them know that Snagshout will no longer automatically generate Super URLs to remain compliant with Amazon’s new Terms of Service

As mentioned in a today's blog post, Amazon updated its Terms of Service (TOS) to include specific terminology stating that sellers “may not intentionally manipulate your products' rankings.” Snagshout believes that the use of Super URLs is likely to be considered a manipulation, and may lead to a policy violation from Amazon Seller Performance. Therefore, we will not longer be generating these links in our system.

Effective at the end of today, August 26, 2015, Snagshout URLs to Amazon will generate a regular, static link that takes shoppers to the product detail page on Amazon without including keywords or anything that might look like a Super URL.

The Super URL was created about a year ago as a tool to manipulate the Amazon system into believing the shopper had searched for a keyword to discover a product. This technique has been highly successful for many shoppers. As a result of its success, numerous tools and courses have been developed showing users how to use this tactic. Amazon has been acutely clear in its latest Terms of Service update that this practice is now violation. We highly recommend to all of our users to stop using Super URL services as they could place your account at risk.

If you have question please join us for a Webinar and Q&A session on these updates this Friday, August 28th, at 2 p.m. EDT or feel free to contact Snagshout support at [email protected]


  • SuperURL is a form of manipulation, I agree. You can still use coupon codes though and get reviews. I think we would have to set up a way for customers to manually search for the product using the top keywords we want to target.
  • I actually think this is actually good news on the whole for legitimate and honest sellers.

    There is obviously the negative about not being able to boost rankings in this way but I am aware that there are so many sellers out there who do 100's of fake purchases to keep their products high, even when they are not that good.

    I think the people that use AMZ are on the whole, honest sellers who are looking to boost rankings in a legitimate way and may find that their products increase in rankings as these sellers cant do these blackhat methods any more or are penalised if they do

  • Just one thing though is that I would like to know from Travis et Al if there is a way of turning the Super URL off so that I can still send products out for reviews without the risk of this new rule,
  • definitely following this
  • following
  • it looks like Seller Labs is having a free webinar this Friday, August 28th, at 2 p.m. EDT. Is on the bottom of the post.
  • they dont know anything more than we do..and they are indirectly promoting their company.
  • isn't anyone who has a webinar promoting their company? Doesn't mean they won't have good things to say. The blog article did bring up a few good points.
  • constantineconstantine ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    the easy way around this may be to instruct reviewers to type in the keyword you are targeting, scroll down to whatever the page it is your product is on, select it, add it to cart and apply the code as before... this was would produce exactly the same, if not better, results... and it cannot be traced to a Super URL... of course some reviewers will not do it... but some will...
  • I see nothing mentioning the Super URL. I know the Seller Labs people personally, and they are smart people, but also overly cautious. This may or may not be a bad thing, no one knows.

    I can see the TOS possibly hinting at something like this, but I'm not going to make a change in how I rank my own products. It's nowhere clear enough for that.

    For AMZ tracker, I haven't completely decided but I'm thinking of giving users the options of if they want to use the Super URL or not. For the overly cautious ones, they can opt out. For everyone else, they can keep enjoying it.

    If I had to pick one thing that the change was targeting, it would be the big "zonblast" style services that blast out 1000 units at once specifically to inflate the BSR rankings. This seems to be exactly what it is describing.

    If you read the actual update it appears to me to very clearly talk about inflating BSR rankings, not anything else. Again, back to the zonblast style products that specifically aim and claim to boost BSR ratings.

    I'm not going to make any claims for anyone else, so I think we'll just give the options to our users to make the decision on their own. I know what I am going to keep doing.

  • Just for clarity, can Amazon tell whether someone purchased from a Super URl or not?
  • loops77 you would be silly to think they can't. They track everything.
  • So here is another reason that I'm personally going to continue to use them... Super urls are actually natural!

    Take uneducated sellers, Amazon users, etc. If they were looking for the URL to share a product how would they get it?

    They would go to Amazon. Search for a product or a keyword, click it, then copy the URL slug to share.

    That url slug is a super url!

    If a normal user took a product but didn't necessarily remember the product name what would they do? They would search for the main keyword, find the image they remembered, click it and use that URL slug to share (again a super).

  • The other thing to consider is the following and is something that amazon wont be against it since it will help them rank better and make more sales, see below.

    Let say I have access to many blogs and I want to promote my products.
    What url you think I will use ? The one that helps my ranking of course.

    I would search the product on amazon using "xxx" keyword, select the product copy the link and use the link as dofollow. in this case if a user visit my blog and click on the link and buy the product it will help my ranking and it top of that it will help AMZ ranking.
    Will AMZ penalize this source of sale because I was using a link that was helping my ranking ? what if I wanted to use AMZ tracker superURL in the same scenario ? I don't think AMZ will penalize this either.

    Now my question to Travis is , since AMZ can track the source of how the user landed on their side does the superURL link used for the coupons hide the source in any way ?
    if it doesn't AMZ will see many clicks coming from amztracker but i'm not sure if they can even penalize the
    ( sales + reviews) ranking if is done under their TOS.
  • distydisty
    edited August 2015
    Travis, doesn't the AmzTracker Super-URL tool generates 'fake' timestamp (i.e 'qid)?
    Won't that raise a red flag in the eyes of Amazon?
  • Yes, I have the same question as well for Travis:

    Can AMZ track the source of how the user landed on their side does the super URL link used for the coupons hide the source (known as the referrer) in any way ?

    if it doesn't AMZ will see many clicks coming from amztracker but i'm not sure if they can even penalize the
    ( sales + reviews) ranking if is done under their TOS.
  • Not sure on tracking the source. We can always anonymize the links though (which we're talking about now)

    Also, you can already choose to NOT use a Super URL. If you go and delete your Super URL from the Super URL section, then our product reviewers will NOT receive one. Only a normal link.
  • Ok great feature added. But I would still like to be safe on the referrer part. I have no knowledge on how this works, but certainly would like to know if Amazon is able to know where a user comes from if the user clicked on the superurl and lands on Amazon website. If Amazon is able to track, then they may see all the traffic is coming from amztracker, which is obviously not a very good sign, it leave behind a trace.
  • It would be good if the superurl can randomized the referrer to be from other major sites, deal sites, shopping sites, social sites, etc. Just like how a normal shopper will go to Amazon after clicking on a link/banner/ad from these other sites.
  • This is advanced link cloaking, in internet blackhat terms. :)
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