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Google Product Listing Ads: Is there a DIRECT way to advertise Amazon listings on Google PLA?

I had great success selling product through Google PLA advertising platform on my own ecommerce sites (mostly Magento). Now trust factor and thus conversion rates are much higher on Amazon then they are on stand-alone online stores. It has to do with Amazon name, cheap & fast shipping, ability to combine orders with stuff not found on your site and PRIME membership... So is there a way to generate a product feed from an Amazon store and send it to Google Merchants / Adwords without a website in between, but directly to Amazon listings? I do not mind paying both to Google and Amazon as long as there are sales and there will be sales... Any advise would be appreciated... Thanks



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  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    Pretty sure there isn't.

    I use Adwords Search ads and Bing Search Ads with decent success (don't track roi) - but never heard of PLA's working with Amazon.

    Oddly my Adwords CPC's to my Amazon listings cost 1/5th of what it costs to send to my e-commerce site for the same product and the same keywords..
  • I *think* there is a direct way, but only for certain categories. I'm in health & beauty, and I know they don't work for this one unfortunately.
  • There is actually NO direct way in the sense that Amazon Seller Central will not allow me to generate product feed... but this does not mean that I cannot generate one manually and upload it manually to a Google Merchant Account... I am working on this... just need to check if it is allowed, but I think it is...
  • @Sammy - the cost is higher for own sites due to trust factor and conversion, obviously... also Google evaluates landing page quality and user behavior and this affects cost.. I am sure you know that part... and what better page quality and behavior can there be than that of Amazon?

    I will let you know how my experiment goes with PLA... I think it may just work... and results from PLA are much better than Adwords...
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