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Using Help Desks to Improve Customer Support Experience

We all know that customer support is quite important. Now that you sell products on your Amazon site … how can you best organize and reach your customers in regards to customer support. ZenDesk is one great use of this.

Using ZenDesk, you can create all of the FAQs that are commonly asked by your customers. Here, you can eliminate perhaps most customers from using your contact forms by simply directing them to the FAQ page.

If that’s not the case, using a HelpDesk easily allows you to organize all support tickets logically. Rather than manually having to “guess” that your support tickets are organized on your own … a third-party service like ZenDesk keeps it all organized and even notifies you of pending tickets that need attention.

It’s not hard to get setup with a help desk system. ZenDesk had an easy setup and on-boarding. And a great way to start your FAQ is to just read through your old support emails in your inbox.

Overall, service like ZenDesk only helps improve your customer support experience particularly with your Amazon products!

There are several alternatives to Zendesk out there. A few that I have seen are FreshDesk, desk and HelpScout. If you use a help desk system what do you use and how do you like it?


  • We use FreshDesk. Because we are a small operation... their forever free option works great for our company.
  • Ok, just to understand this. you use the customer support software for such as FresDesk or ZenDesk. How do you create the tickets? Is there an API to pull the data from Amazon or do you enter this manually? What about CRM systems such as Zoho? Would appreciate help and guidance in this regard. What work best I you onboard a Virtual Assistant to handle customer support?
  • You can just pipe whatever email address you use for Amazon into these help desks (at least the one I use you can) I use Kayako and we set up an email like [email protected] and set that email as our default customer service address in Amazon and whenever a customer emails us at that address the help desk fetches it using pop3 in our case and creates a ticket. Pretty simple set up. Just use an email address specific for that purpose.

    Hope that helps
  • Scot, thank you for the info. Normal ticket with and customer support emails is fine. How do you guys handle tasks for outbound customer service calls to call customers and follow up on their experience? Do yo do it at all. If so how do you get the order details into a 3rd party system? AWS API?
    Would a CRM system not work better for this? And if so what system. Is there a help desk solution that do offer this?

    I would also like to hear inputs from @Travis on this. :smile:
  • We use Stone Edge order manager that imports all of our Amazon orders into but it doesn't work with FBA. For this particular business we aren't using FBA so its not a big deal. If you don't use FBA check out Stone Edge Order Manager. I think it's actually called Monsoon Order Manager now.
  • Thank you for the info Scott
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