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Ranking products in Competitive Amazon Categories - Do you plan to give out promo's forever?

Question for anyone selling or trying to rank their listing in a highly competitive category on Amazon.
For this example say it's supplements, mostly private label products, but many different brands and levels of quality. There is room to differentiate beyond a label.

Do you plan to give out review products forever?
Once you hit the top spots for key terms... do you still give out regular promos and just consider it a marketing cost?
Or take a break and just let organic sales keep you there?

I've been bouncing around within the top 5-6 spots for all of my main Keywords for a few weeks now and decided to stop any giveaways... haven't really noticed any drop in organic sales since.. (except the promo ones)

Wondering if there's still any actual ROI after a certain amount of reviews in terms of conversion rate for more giveaways.. and what the actual difference is between ranking in say position 4 to getting to position 1 in traffic.

Anyone have any anecdotes or specific data on the traffic/sales difference between ranking in the top 5 and getting to no 1 for a high volume term?


  • I have some that I give promos out for all the time, and think I will continue doing it forever. It's just required to compete.

    I know the REALLY big health products give away SO many all the time.
  • Yeah I don't follow the super competitive niches that closely, probably should for some edumacation...
    But the higher ranked ones in my niche generally keep doing blasts every few days... or they are ranked in google and must receive a ton of traffic ;)

    Curious what kind of volume a popular supplement would have to give away per day/week to stay ranked for top for terms with 500k+ searches.

    Are they just hitting up every review group? or I imagine they'd have their own lists by now..
  • Some are just using our group exclusively giving out stuff for free. I'm sure the rest might be using all of the groups.
    I can't imagine anyone would have their own list big enough to tackle all of this.
  • Some of the big health brands are including a pamphlet in the packaging for a free bottle or following up and offering a free bottle via pdf attachment. Not something I would do though.
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