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What if Amzon never sends us a link to our completed buyer reviews?

I've done a number of reviews on Amazon and normally after writing one I get an email with a link to my review. Well last night I wrote maybe 5 or so reviews of which some were as an AMZ product reviews and other full price products I bought, but not one of those reviews resulted in an email from Amazon. I figured it was a glitch last night and I'd have the emails from Amazon by the time I got up this morning, but still nothing. I can see the reviews in my person AZ profile, but there's no link from those that just leads to the stand alone review so I can't sign-off on AMZ Trader as having completed my product reviews. What do I do if they never send me a link and I have no way to prove I completed my assignment to the seller?


  • Hi,
    If you check your reviewer profile you should be able to find those :)

  • You do not need the emails to find your link.

    Go into Your Account, then scroll down till you see "Product Reviews Written by You". It's in the very bottom section. From there click "Permalink". This will give you the page of the review, you can copy and paste the link then from the top bar.

    You can also find all your emails in your amazon account even if you did not receive them. This will help you figure out if there was a problem with your email. Again in "Your Account" scroll to "Your Messages" and then "Other Messages". This should contain a copy of all your "Thank you for reviewing.." emails.

    Hope that helps :)
  • Thanks, I actually figured it out myself. DOH. :-)
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