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Target Big Keywords - or go for easy wins at the start?

Hey Guys,

What's the best way to go here - I own an established brand in another country that I sell through an e-commerce store, but have only just launched on The niche/product is much more competitive on Amazon and going to take a fair bit of work to get ranking for the bigger high volume keywords.

After a few days I already rank in top 10-50 for a few smaller volume keywords but nowhere in top 300 for any of the larger volume ones.
Is it best to focus Super URL's on getting ranking for a few small keywords early on, or just aiming for the big ones straight away?

I want to be at the top for the big keywords and be a top seller in the niche - that's my goal.

Is there an advantage in ranking for smaller volume keywords before taking on the harder ones?
I can see why getting some small traction would help... but I want to dominate the niche and feel I'm just wasting time not going after the big ones straight off the bat.

Any advice is appreciated!


  • There is definitely an edge targeting narrow keywords, but the cost of fewer sales. If you have started to generate sales using the lower competition kw, that's good. Use the super url for the hot competition kw, as you are likely to see sizeable increases in ranking there.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited April 2015
    Hey @mjessimy thanks - I ended up targeting about 5-6 smaller long tail kws, and was able to rank for a bunch pretty quickly - well page 1-2 at least.
    The higher comp ones were climbing slowly but surely anyway, and have since switched over to a include a few of them.
    I found the keyword section in the backend of the listing description in Amazon more useful here too - haven't heard that mentioned here at all.

    Out of curiosity, how many keywords do you target? I've been using 6-8 kws, but then I'm sending a fair bit of traffic from Adwords/Bing/Retargeting/Fb/Email/YT etc.
  • Hey @sammy I always like to start with the super longtails. Ones that I'll have an awesome conversion rate on. This way my product has an awesome conversion rate out of the gate, and amazon will reward me for the bigger keywords :)

    The amount of keywords to target varies on a lot of factors like competition. For my newest product I'm using 4 super longtails right now, and as the rankings move up I start moving more towards the short tails.

    Also, for the PPC/FB/Bing/etc. Lately I've NOT started using those until I have some ok traction to begin with on Amazon using the Review Club. Again, this way ensures that I have an awesome conversion rate, and lets me get a bunch of good reviews which will further help the conversion rate when I finally turn on the PPC.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Hey @Travis_Jamison thanks for the feedback - I was a bit impatient with the PPC and wanted to get going straight away. So conversion is a pretty large factor in their algo?

    What do you aim for with conversion rates? I am sitting at about 5.5-6%. But excluding the review giveaways, it'd be closer to 4-4.5%.

    I've heard that amazon pages can get ridiculous conversion rates though, like 10-20%
    I'll make a new thread re conversion rates, curious what others are getting.
  • @Travis_Jamison I believe that starting from super longtail KWs is a easier and practical start, but for me it is so frustrated to find the longtail KWs, because I am not sure which one is buying, and with enough search volume. Is Merchant words worth a try?
  • I use and am very happy with it...
  • @Travis_Jamison - great insight. I just wanted to clarify your strategy:

    Start/Launch with the lower searched niche words, get to a competitive position.
    Use Review Club to get reviews and indexed for the niche words conversion score.

    Once competitive position with niche words is earned and good conversion rate move into the broader keywords.

    Can also go off amazon (adwords, fb, etc) once broader keywords are converting at desirable rate?

    Did I miss the general points?
    Steven Wagner
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