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keyword ranking

Hi everybody ,
i'm still a novice . what does it means keyword ranking. how come it goes up or down .and if it goes down how can i make it to rank up.


  • Hi Idan,

    A novice here as well. But after a couple of days of experimenting, here's what keyword ranking means to me.

    Keyword = Words/Phrases people use to search for items.
    High Keyword Ranking = Where on the page your product will show up when people search for those key words.

    For example, if I am selling a metal spoon, and my keyword "Metal Spoon with Gold from Uganda" is ranking 1, my product will be the FIRST one to show up when people search with those keywords.

    So you want to be ranking high on as many keywords as possible. But those keywords would also have to be popular keywords that people search often. If nobody ever searches for "Metal Spoon with Gold from Uganda" but you rank high, you will have a bad time.
  • i understand that. how can i rank a keyword higher if i see on the graph that its going down.
  • Hi Idan Topol,

    There are many things you can do to increase those keyword ranking.

    Here's a simple summary of what I do to increase my keyword ranking

    1. Update your product description/bullet points/title. When you update them, include the keywords you want to rank higher in.
    2. Update your search terms to include more variations of keywords you are targeting.
    3. Use campaign tool to drive sales since more sales will help your keywords rank higher.

    I am still new to keyword/SEO stuff, but just following those steps have helped me tremendously.

    To me, ranking high in keyword just sounds like putting in some due diligence. Check out some products on Amazon with killer titles/descriptions/bullet points..,160_

    That product, for example, ranks high in so many different keywords. Just looking at that page, you can kind of see why.

    Hope that helps.
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